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Nightmare Fuel / The Book of Life

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A heartwarming story about love, family and a widely celebrated Mexican holiday made by the creator of El Tigre can't be scary........ right...?

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The Movie

  • Manolo's death is just as creepy as it is sad. After Xibalba's snake staff bites him, he has a smile on his face as he falls over.
  • The trial to get to the Cave of Souls is quite frightening, especially including the cave guardian and its giant sword, which it swings down upon whoever it judges.
    • The giant Coatlicue-like statue Manolo and his family climb to reach the very trial is more than a little disturbing. "Caramba, it hurts just looking at it," indeed...
  • Seeing just what happens to souls in The Land of The Forgotten is horrible as well - sad, moaning black skeletons that just crumble to dust. And knowing that if Manolo doesn't get back to San Angel, Chakal will destroy it- and once that happens, there will be no one left to remember Manolo and his family and they'll be subject to the same fate.
    • Originally, the Land Of the Forgotten was going to be a Fisher Kingdom that would slowly make the souls forget their humanity and turn into monstrous, skeletal beasts. Either version, it's still a fearsome ultimate fate the souls will be subjected to.
  • Chakal seems to be more menacing than even Xibalba himself, because unlike the latter, the former is portrayed completely seriously.
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  • La Muerte's absolute fury at Xibalba cheating. Her Skyward Scream is terrifying to hear. Don't mess with her.
  • To win his second life, Manolo has to defeat a massive, burning bull powered by the fury of the bulls that died by the Sanchezes' swords, and the Sanchezes have killed thousands of bulls. He comes this close to getting stomped out like a cigarette butt.
  • Xibalba finding out Manolo's one true fear WITH. ONE. LOOK. All the while, he flashes a Slasher Smile as his teeth go sharp and his skull irises turn to face Manolo. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome, villainous as it is.


Word of God

  • The newly-released knowledge that at some point in the future, Xibalba will place a curse on the Sanchez family. As of now we can only guess at what it entails and why it was cast.
  • The fact that instead of just killing Puma Loco for breaking Sartana’s heart and causing her Start of Darkness, Xibalba is just waiting for him to die, most likely so he can personally give him a Fate Worse than Death. This is one Papa Wolf you do not want to cross!

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