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Nightmare Fuel / The Blacklist

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Try to sleep through that.

The Stewmaker

  • Upon his return to Washington, Red tells the FBI about The Stewmaker, a body disposal expert who uses chemicals to destroy the evidence. The Stewmaker is responsible for concealing hundreds of murders and has a "trophy collection" of his victims.

The Cyprus Agency

  • The Cyprus Agency kidnaps young women, keeps them drugged for years, and uses them to produce kids for unsuspecting couples.

Milton Bobbit

  • Just Milton Bobbit... without his nose.


Lord Baltimore

  • Berlin telling Red that he's going to send Red's ex-wife back to him piece by piece, in an act of retribution, and shows he means business by first sending him her finger, is just unsettling.
    • Ressler finding Rowan Mill's rotting corpse stuffed into a case in the backyard.

Monarch Douglas Bank

  • Berlin does it again, this time by sending one of Naomi's teeth to Red.

Dr. James Covington

  • Mr. Kaplan examines a corpse at a graveyard, which includes closeups of the dead man's lungs and organs. Needless to say, Liz is disgusted by what she does and due to the stench, she's forced to cover her nose.


The Front

Mombasa Cartel

  • Whatever happened to Dembe before Reddington saved his life.
  • The fate of the poachers killed by the hunter family. They get literally stuffed up. You can even see the black, lifeless eyes.
    • This really need a bit elaboration. The poachers were skinned with surgical precision ante-mortem. That is, for your information, before death. They were kept alive during their skinning, for how long? Were they even dead when this Dollmaker finished with them?

Luther Braxton

  • Luther's successful plan in taking over a CIA blacksite.

Ruslan Denisov

  • Ruslan willingly places one of his victims in water contaminated by oil to prove his point that an oil company is responsible for ruining the health of his fellow Uzbeks. The results... are not that pleasant to see.

Quon Zhang


  • The Alliance/Cabal was able to frame Liz as a double agent/mole for the SVR when an anti-Russian senator is killed. It gets really troubling when the task force finds out that the test run for the attack was through his illegitimate child studying at a university.
  • There's also the effects of the virus which can be transferred to others by touch.

Tom Connolly

  • The fact that the Alliance/Cabal had framed Liz as a SVR agent/mole that she's hunted down by law enforcement/intelligence agencies.

Sir Crispin Crandall

  • The fact he is a true believer in what he is selling, to the point he is kidnapping the best of the brightest in their fields and "freezing them" for the future. It is highly likely none of them survived the process as one of the victims was utterly horrified from what he was seeing.

Lady Ambrosia

  • In the woods, “Lady Ambrosia” has kidnapped an entire group of children and is leading them through the woods. They are chanting – they have some sort of funeral at a wishing well for a child named Matthew. When they are done chanting, the woman has a man named Theodore throw a little kids’ body down in the well. The children cheer and squeal, they think that Matthew is becoming a butterfly and flying away due to butterflies flying out of the well after a body is dropped down. Apparently Lady Ambrosia thinks her actions are right, with her believing that by having the children dropped in the well she is keeping them from growing old as outcasts.
  • Noah picks up Jeanne in the middle of the night with Theodore (the mentally challenged man from the woods with Lady Ambrosia) hiding in the back seat. He strangles Jeanne and kills her after Noah tells him to “make her go to sleep.”
  • Theodore turning on Lady Ambrosia after she reveals she hates him with him in earshot and killing her.
  • Tom's ex girlfriend kisses him and gives him two offers to go with her on a job. When he refuses her she responds by having her men open the van he's in to shoot him and her other men inside it. She then orders them to torch the van. Luckily Tom shoots the man with the gasoline before he can light them up but he is severely injured and gives an emotionless bloody Kubrick Stare to the camera.
    • Tom's screams and expression of pain as he's pulling out the bullet from his leg by himself.


  • Having someone kidnap your granddaughter by someone who claims to be your father. You know, the one you shot in self-defense.

Miles McGrath

  • A psycho startup investor who leads an operation to steal a Class A disease from the CDC.

The Forecaster

  • This episode features a little girl named Maggie who seems to be able to see deadly crimes before they happen and makes dioramas depicting them due to the fact she's mute. Said dioramas look insanely creepy, not looking out of place in a Indie Horror Game. The captions don't make it better.
  • The Adult Fear of finding out that your mute child has been hearing about deadly crimes from her hearing aid for years and only finding this out as the ones planning them do. In addition, the people planning these murders are now planning to kidnap and kill your daughter as payback.

The Harem

  • Liz cutting up the hand of a known criminal just to get a WITSEC list.

Dr. Bogdan Krilov

  • A man who can mess your memories by making suggestions to them. Worse, they can be permanent unless someone's there to help you remember the real ones.

The Vehm

  • A Knight Templar cult of reformed note  pedophiles whose idea of "atonement"... is to subject other, non-reformed pedophiles to literally medieval Cruel and Unusual Deaths note . And even worse? It turns out to be All for Nothing, courtesy of The Vehm's Hypocrite leader having actually tricked his Mooks into killing non-pedophiles whom are threats to his secret money-laundering scheme. And inevitably, Red lets the cultists know — and predictably, they don't take very well... at all.

General Shiro

  • This Blacklister's method of murder is to pour a modified larvae bioweapon into the food and drinks, with the insects hatching and eating the victim from inside, usually killing by suffocation. There's no gory discretion shots here either as the opening shows a man coughing out insects, collapsing, and then having his airway cut open, at which point a wave of bugs just starts pouring out.

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