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Nightmare Fuel / Tetsuo: The Iron Man

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    Tetsuo: The Iron Man
This is probably the reaction you'd have watching this movie
  • Let's look at the High Concept of this movie: a man accidentally kills someone with his car, and as a punishment gets to witness and feel his entire body turning to metal from the inside out while being unable to do anything about it while slowly going insane as a result (probably from his brain turning to metal). It'd probably be easier to list the parts that aren't Nightmare Fuel.
  • The opening sequence, in which the Metal Fetishist SHOVES A METAL PIPE INTO HIS LEG, with sound effects that somehow invoke Squick all on their own
    • And then we get to see a lovely shot of the Fetishist's mutilated leg with maggots crawling all over it. No wonder he freaked out and ran into the road...
  • The subway chase is claustrophobia incarnate. Imagine fleeing from a mutant woman, but running into a dead end and hiding in a tight bathroom stall, praying she won't be able to find you...
  • The scene where the Salaryman's penis turns into a drill.
  • The Salarymans attempt at suicide via electrocution, while laughing like a maniac
  • The part where the Salaryman realizes that the Fetishist is approaching his house.
  • The chase scene is incredibly jarring, even though the film is quite intense to begin with.
  • The factory scene, where the Salarymans condition has reached its pinnacle of severity, and gives the Fetishist a taste of his own medicine with sadistic glee.
  • The ending: the Salaryman and the Fetishist merge together into one horrific being, and set out to "turn this fucking world to rust". Fittingly enough, the credits end with "GAME OVER".

    Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer

    Tetsuo: The Bullet Man


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