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Nightmare Fuel / Terminator Salvation

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  • The number of Jump Scares in the movie, particularly the one at the gas station. Everything suddenly goes quiet...then BOOM, a giant robotic hand smashes through the roof and grabs someone.
  • The thick bulky T-600s, despite being the precursor model to the T-800, are much less refined in human design. From a distance they appear human, but the simplistic rubber skin sends them right off into Uncanny Valley.
  • In an homage to the original films' openings the T-800 just trudges out of the fire as John Connor repeatedly shoots it with grenades. Then there's the factory...the fact that at any moment, one of those Terminators could wake up...and then there's the one pursuing the heroes, which appears out of FREAKING NOWHERE from behind a row of moving inactive Terminators.
  • This also counts as Scenery Gorn — Marcus standing on a hill, overlooking a bombed out Los Angeles. Also the scene where John Connor and Marcus Wright are talking admist flaming trees.
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  • Marcus finds out the hard way that he himself is a terminator. This is a guy who is atoning for the deaths he caused prior to his execution. A guy who until meeting John Connor was protecting Kyle Reese and Star before their capture, fighting machines trying to kill them. Then he finds out that he is one of them. A machine whose only purpose is extermination.
  • The revelation that nowhere is safe from Skynet. We learn early on that there are terminators in the water, but it turns out that just flying over it can provoke an attack from eel-like horrors with bladed jaws. And even though these models are a lot less tough than the humanoid ones, there were at least eight of them in the same stretch of river, which happens to be running distance from a Resistance base!
  • One could be forgiven for thinking that John Connor had his T-800 problem licked when he caused molten metal to be poured upon it. However, this only slows it down. After it has fully risen, the T-800 looks like the Grim Reaper, with the only difference being that its hooded robe is composed of molten metal.
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  • For a moment, Skynet reveals its true form to Marcus.
  • The noises that the Terminators, HK Tanks, Harvester, & other Machines make, whenever they move about. Hell, the processing room in Skynet Central is fucking horrific to listen to. Rusting metal grinding and scraping against each other, among other things.
  • Kate is visibly pregnant. Do you really want to bring a kid into this world?


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