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Nightmare Fuel / Telltale's Game of Thrones

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Episode 1: "Iron From Ice"

  • The beginning of the game starts innocently enough, until it turns downright deadly. Turns out, you're at the Twins during the Red Wedding, and your player character (Gared) is the only one that catches on to what's about to happen. You can warn your lord or save your friend, and the former will get said friend killed. Then there's a sequence of running through the burning, ambushed camp, fighting off Frey soldiers as they kill Forrester men. Then you have to leave your lord to die. Roll opening song.
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  • Ramsay Snow's introduction is flaying a man alive. And you don't just glimpse and hear it, you see the man's skinless body afterwards.
  • The Sudden Downer Ending is enough to make anyone jump. Your third player character, Ethan (who is probably no older than fourteen) is suddenly stabbed fatally through the neck by Ramsay. As Ethan bleeds out on his mother's lap, his twin sister screaming and crying, Ramsay takes Ryon, Ethan's younger brother, hostage and leaves. The last scene of the first episode is Ethan's dead face.
  • There's a quick blink (or the hearing equivalent) and you'll miss it moment. Ramsay asks Talia if she would like to go hunting with him. If you've read the books or seen the show, you know exactly what that's referring to.
  • You, as Ethan Forrester, can potentially create a Nightmare Fuel moment yourself, if you choose to punish a thief by either cutting off three of his fingers, or asking Royland to do it in your stead. Either way, you have to watch.
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  • Mira being called before Cersei. Those who know Cersei from the TV series are used to her arrogance, stupidity and pettiness making her more than a little pathetic when she's dealing with someone like Tyrion, Margaery or her father, and even Sansa is too valuable to her to be simply discarded. In the game, you meet her as an utterly defenseless handmaiden with much less political protection, and the same traits that make Cersei a joke to other major players make her more dangerous to someone she can kill on a whim. Even though Cersei has no power to actually follow through on her extremely unsubtle threats to House Forrester, being Mira trying to tell her exactly what she wants to hear is a very different experience to watching her equals outmanoeuvre her on TV, and can be quite nerve-wracking even with Tyrion undermining her every other sentence.

Episode 2: "The Lost Lords"

  • At the beginning of Episode 2, the player suddenly takes control of Rodrik—who had supposedly died "on-screen"—who is being hauled in a corpse carriage, surrounded by bloody, mangles corpses, feeding crows, flies, and the body of Rodrik's father. Also counts as Nausea Fuel.
  • Mira is suddenly attacked by a knight named Damien, who tries to stab her to death as she screams and tries to flee. When you succeed, you're treated a nice shot of Mira staring at the bloodied knife, her face spattered in blood. And if you fail in the quick-time events, Mira will be stabbed. It's kind of creepy how she just goes still and then limp.
    • Even creepier is how he at first pretends to be an ally of Mira, then suddenly pulls a dagger out on her. This only reinforces the paranoia that anyone at King's Landing could be an enemy.
  • The brave variant of Talia's song at the end is rather chilling and contains some quite gruesome lyrics, such as 'urge cannibals to break their fast on Wardens of the North' and 'Eastern mages empty the veins, Of beasts across the sea. Paint Slaver's Bay in crimson rains, To bring Ethan back to me.' Which kind of illustrates the poor girl's mental state.
  • We find out in the ending of Episode 2 that the Forresters traditionally bury their dead with ironwood seeds, so a tree would grow from their corpse. Now stop for a moment, and think about the size of the Forresters' ironwood grove... Granted, probably not every single one of those trees is sitting on a grave, but the effect is still overwhelming.
  • The ending of the Episode 3 preview, in which Asher, Beskha, and Malcolm are approaching a cave, and Asher pauses to hear something. Cue Hell Is That Noise.
    • Given the sound and time frame of the story, it's probably Drogon.
    • And now that Telltale has released teaser images for Episode 3...WELP.
      • Now that Episode 3 has been released, the dragon is indeed Drogon, although Asher doesn't learn the dragon's name until near the end of the episode.

Episode 3: "The Sword in the Darkness"

  • Margaery Tyrell is the picture of composure, intelligence, and courtesy. When that mask drops and we see what she looks like when she's angry? She's more terrifying than Cersei. What's worse? She's mad at you.
    • It is, however, mitigated if you speak with Tyrion in her presence. She is far less hostile because of your honesty.
  • Whilst more than capable in a fight, Gared is generally a quite friendly guy, which can make it very jarring if the player chooses to take extreme revenge on Britt, which involves jamming a sword through his gut and frantically twisting it repeatedly through as many organs as possible. Asshole Victim though he was, if the option is chosen it's the most graphic death of the game so far. 'Make Him Suffer' indeed.

Episode 4: "Sons of Winter"

  • We've seen Dany when she's vulnerable and talking to people who have an edge on her. Turns out that when you don't have the advantage of the Mother of Dragons, she's much more imposing. To say nothing of dealing with her when she has one of her 'babies' with her too.
  • The ending to episode four is quite chilling. Rodrik, Lady Forrester, whoever you decided to take to Highpoint, and possibly the Glenmore soldiers return to Ironrath to find the place completely devoid of life. Inside, the main hall is ruined and who is waiting to greet Rodrik? Ramsay Snow!
    Ramsay: I'm told you're a man who can't be broken. I've decided to come see for myself.
  • Even though it was well deserved, the way Rodrik beats Gryff into submission is downright terrifying, Rodrik having no good reason to do so other than being caught up in the heat of the moment. Rodrik starts off throwing a couple of punches, before using his cane to whack Gryff before thrusting it into his eye twice, and the result is not pretty.

Episode 5: "A Nest of Vipers"

  • Quite a few in the trailer for Episode 5. The two that stick out the most, however, involve Ramsay having Rodrik being held by his men in the woods while brandishing a knife, considering what Ramsay likes to do with said sort of knife. and The Stinger before the logo: in the snowy land beyond the Wall, a familiar cracking sound, almost like a language, can be heard in the distance, while shambling forms are littered among the trees, heading towards the camera. Seems the White Walkers have come to say hello to Gared and friends.
    • Now that Episode 5 has been released, the first example is subverted, as while Rodrik is still held by two men in the woods while Ramsay approaches with a knife, Ramsay then orders the soldiers to let Rodrik go to see if Rodrik will try to kill him with the knife. Ramsay still delivers nightmare fuel, however, as he graphically flays Arthur alive before finally disemboweling him. The second example is played straight, except the approaching figures turn out to be wights. The problem with wights being that, unless you use fire, they will not die.
    • Ramsay putting his hand on Rodrik's shoulder pretending to have polite conversation is enough to pucker any sphyncter considering what Ramsay can do on a moment's notice with his free hand.
      • Yet another level of nightmare fuel. Ramsay's whole scene is basically to say that the Boltons are going to stay out of the upcoming civil war. It takes a special kind of twisted to make Ramsay Snow the bearer of good news.
  • There is a somewhat hidden death scene for Mira that most players will likely miss. When she is summoned by Cersei to talk in Tyrion's former chambers, if she chooses to remain silent/refuses to speak for three times in a row, Cersei will get frustrated on you wasting her time, and order Lucan to summarily execute Mira on the spot, slashing her upper body diagonally before running her though with his sword. Watching such excessive brutality used on an unarmed and defenseless handmaiden is just nightmarish and shows just how insane and cruel Cersei really is.

Episode 6: "The Ice Dragon"

  • Have you been confrontational to Ludd throughout the Season? Well good for you! He will now make Ryon foist either of his murdered elder brother's severed head on a pike before the Battle of Ironrath.
  • When nearing the entrance to the North Grove, Gared, Cotter and Sylvi hear a rustling in the bushes and go to investigate. Gared finds a tree with enormous claw marks across it, and nearby the freshly killed, gutted corpse of a deer. Not good signs. Then he hears a growl come from his right, and turns to see an enormous polar bear watching him with bared teeth. They lock eyes for a moment before the bear roars and begins attacking, with the group only escaping with their lives thanks to luck and some thin ice. Fortunately, the bear later joins their side.
  • Mira's possible execution is both tearjerking and terrifying. You slowly walk towards the bloodied chopping block as a headless cadaver is dragged away, listening to the jeers of the crowd as you climb up to the podium. You say your final words and kneel, leaning over the block and staring into the faces of your friends and foes, some of whom look at you with horror and sadness, others with smug satisfaction. Then the executioner raises his sword and brings it down on your neck, with the last shot being Mira's head getting sliced cleanly off.
    • The way you get there is bad enough: you get an excellent look at the hideous black cells and the terror they engender in both you and some other poor woman due to be executed, then get given a Scarpia Ultimatum by someone who makes no secret of how miserable your life will be even if you accept.
  • Though it's probably one of the most satisfying kills in the game, the way Rodrik beheads Gryff is nothing short of brutal. If the player chooses to follow Ludd, Rodrik will behead the former with a swift but clean swipe. In Gryff's case, Rodrik drives his sword right into Gryff's neck, sinks it in a bit further slowly before finally completing the beheading. If one looks carefully, they will notice that Rodrik only partially severs Gryff's neck while literally ripping the rest off with his bare hands.
  • At the very final recap we get Ramsay, Margaery, Jon, Daenerys and Cersei's recounting of the events. Ramsay's is perhaps the most nightmarish but then he would be!

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