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Nightmare Fuel / Tear of Grace

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  • Tear's (now deleted) playthrough of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a good example, being the first and only playthrough of a horror game he has ever done.
  • His playthrough of Surgeon Simulator 2013 is also a good example, particularly the episode where he jabs the patient in both eyes with scalpels while he was still alive, only to have them continue to move around with the scalpels in them. Tear then proceeds to remove the scalpels and the patient's eyes start coming out, eventually coming out completely when Tear starts grabbing and shaking his head around.
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  • A few of his thumbnails have been fairly creepy, particularly the thumbnail for his Tony Haw Pro Skater 5 video, the one for his third Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition video and the one for episode 110 of The Binding of Isaac.
  • The ending of his first Fallout 4 video, where Tear picks up a dead Synth and pretends that it's still talking about killing everybody, accompanied by distorted audio and visual effects.
  • Prâk "Bane" Jaws becomes this for Tear. Prâk is a huge orc with a metal mouth-mask, twin axes that he regularly throws like boomerangs, piercing blue eyes, and a nasty tendency to appear from Behind the Black when he's least expected. Prâk also has no dialogue, but instead either screams or giggles whenever he finds Tear. He pursues Tear throughout Udûn and proves to be both nigh-unkillable and nigh-unavoidable, to the point where Tear eventually just abandons the zone and moves to Nurn to get away from his constant attacks.
    • He also has a trait that causes him to never kill Tear outright (except for one occasion), and instead just beat him to within an inch of his life before walking off with a giggle. More often than not, however, he reappears with a howl the moment Tear gets back up, and the chase resumes.
    • As Prâk's status as The Dreaded grows, Tear's editing starts incorporating grainy black-and-white filters over his Boss Subtitles, along with a "Psycho" Strings Leitmotif.
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    • Prâk's final reappearance in the campaign is both unexpected and extremely unnerving, and Tear has an immediate Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes who's running the Ered Glamhoth garrison. This is reinforced by Bane being Suddenly Voiced, and he addresses the uruks under his command with a single, Guttural Growler line:
      "Burn... Maim... Kill them all!!"
      • Even when he's finally Killed Off for Real, Prâk puts in one last disturbing laugh, the editing cranking up to eleven, before Tear finally runs him through.
      • Worst of all, due to the fact that Brett never actually cut the guy's head off, he can come back for the sequel. He didn't, but the orc sent in his place, Ukrom Blood-Storm, has almost all his most frightening characteristics.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War has its moments too:
    • Episode 25 brings us what is perhaps the most terrifying Orc since Prâk himself. During said episode, Tear attempts to recruit Gluk the Bard from the previous two episodes. Tear gets him alone but gets downed in the process. At the last moment, Muzu the Brown shows up and kills the Captain, saving Tear's life, to his chagrin. As punishment, Tear shames Muzu which turns him into a Maniac. What makes him so terrifying are the noises he now makes, which sound like a horrifying mix of Prâk and a pterodactyl. These noises are enough to leave even Tear awestruck.
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    • Ar-Kaius the Deranged, formerly the Strong. An Olog that Tear found running away from himself, which made him punish the guy for his cowardice by Shaming him, shattering his mind. This proceeded to create a nightmare that'd kill him again and again later on. A weeping nightmare at that, constantly sobbing and Cry Laughing as he chases relentlessly after Tear. The worst part is that somehow he sounds exactly like Tear himself when laughing, which makes him even creepier for the viewers.
    Tear: ...what have I created, and why.
    • Tear's response to Talion finally being free of his curse and going to the afterlife? Drag him back. Complete with a scary voice.
    Tear: The hell do you mean [Talion] found freedom? [Talion] just got hit by a rock. Ah, no, this is the afterlife, isn't it? This is a cheesy afterlife that doesn't exist. This is the endorphins in your brain that come in and when that stopped beating the blood around it, that just gives you the sensation of a dream. This ain't real and Talion's face has CHANGED AGAIN! {suddenly sinister music plays} If my enemies can countlessly come back from the dead a thousand times, I can too. Regardless of how dead you think they are. I don't care whatever happily ever after end you think you're getting with your family you've likely forgotten the faces of, you can turn around and GET BACK HERE! {footage then rewinds all the way back to when Talion defeated his last nemesis as he screams} You don't get to decide the end of this story... I DO!

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