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Nightmare Fuel / Taro Yoko

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  • Giant, stony babies that eat people invade the world. Scarier than it sounds.
  • Special mention must also go to the soundtrack. Never has remixed classical music been so terrifying. Here, have a listen.
  • Furiae in Ending B when she's "reborn." The page image.
    • Ending B in general is a massive horror show. Not only does Caim have to fight an insane Furiae reborn as a weird angel hybrid, but what comes afterward is even worse. After an incredibly tough battle Caim holds a now deceased Furiae, and can only grimly watch as countless clones of the angel Furiae rise from the ground screaming in agony. Keep in mind that Caim was only barely able to defeat the original Furiae, and the thought of fighting a horde of them makes it clear that Caim and humanity as a whole are doomed.
  • I. Hear. A. Sound.
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  • Caim is both a Memetic Badass and an absolute terror, as he slaughters everything Imperial that gets in his path either extraordinary rage, or a massive Slasher Smile. Best displayed when young, forcefully conscripted men are dropped into his path. Because they happen to be on the Imperial side, Caim doesn't even hesitate for a second to slaughter them all.
  • The ending of Ending E. It's just silence. Pure silence and eerie static as the credits roll. And at the end, the camera pans down to show Angelus' body impaled upon Tokyo Tower. Sweet dreams!

Alternative Title(s): Drakengard


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