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Nightmare Fuel / TUGS

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This outdoes any accident that happens on Sodor Island...

  • The creepy atmosphere in the episode "Ghosts" is rather chilling, the eerie "moaning" when the ghost fleet appears makes it more unsettling.
  • The fire and explosions in the episode "Munitions" are extremely devastating, resulting in Big Mickey toppling into the water (and dying depending on the cut), a petrol barge exploding, nearly killing Ten Cents and a naval tanker being horrifically torn apart.
    • The petrol barge explosion in particular happens before Ten Cents even has a chance to get clear and is so violent it fills up the whole screen. If you thought a children's show couldn't get away with such a huge Jump Scare, you'd be wrong.
    • Kraka-Toa's destruction and sinking is also pretty damn chilling, especially with the background music which is filled with shock chords to each explosion. Even worse since it's implied she's a sentient vehicle like Big Mickey.
  • At the end of the episode "Up River," Warrior is on the wrong side of a makeshift dam to stop an out-of-control mass of logs from destroying Uptown. When the logs appear, we're treated to two horrifying points of view; one from Warrior's perspective of the logs bearing down on him and another from the logs floating coming closer to Warrior who can only stay there helplessly and fearfully. He thankfully manages to use his strength to divert them away, but it's still a tense moment in the series.
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  • The criminal Tugboats from Pirate are really freaky, with their glowing green goggles and reverberating voices. They abduct an elderly Tugboat and force his nephew Sea Rogue to steal an infinite amount of barges to pay off the ransom or else they'll scuttle him right in front of Sea Rogue. Thankfully they're stopped by Ten Cents and company but still.

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