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Nightmare Fuel / Super Mario Maker

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  • The form Mario takes when picking up the Weird Mushroom can be either this or funny, depending on the person.
  • The "Perilous Vine Climb" sample level utilizes sound effects in such a way that if Mario dies, likely on the spikes, he lets out a realistic scream of agony as the death music kicks in. Since the level uses the original Super Mario Bros. game style, the scream can be rather jarring in contrast.
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  • Both versions of the SMB-style Ghost House level theme are surprisingly creepy themes.
  • Both versions of the SMB3 style of Ghost House themes are no slouch, either, in being creepy and actually making you feel like ghosts are watching you.
  • In the original Super Mario World, Bowser only had a Clown Car-based sprite, so the developers obviously had to redesign him for more versatility with other forms here. The result, which is seen on the right of this picture, can be very intimidating for some. The red eyes don't help.
  • The custom sound effects include such things as a pained scream, another that says "HELP ME!", a loud heartbeat, and a glitchy scratch, both of which stop the music from playing while they're active and the icon of the latter effect looking to some like a creepily grinning dog note . Put those all together in a ghost house and you could have yourself something extremely freaky.
    • Especially freaky, one of the sound effects sets off eerie music and demonic laughter. Now, that wouldn't be so bad at first, but then you look at the icon and realize it has a picture of the Devil on it.
    • The Bowser SFX = a Jump Scare red silhouette of Bowser's head with a Slasher Smile + the Scare Chord intro to the respective Style's (still-awesome) Battle Theme Music.
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  • Waluigi's Unbearable Existence. It uses the sound effects mentioned above, while using text written in coins about self worthlessness and existential crisis.
  • ????? ????? ????. 2 is a remix based on the first stage from Super Mario Bros. 2 with parts of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels thrown in... Except everything is completely black and lifeless. There's skeletons and bones laying about everywhere, no enemies nor music, Spikes of Doom littered everywhere, and every ? block contains nothing but bones that get thrown out. At the end of the level, instead of finding Birdo, you just get a very demonic message written in blocks before finding a pipe leading to the goal... Upon which Mario is then flung into the spiky abyss with a scream that is drowned out by the level completion music.
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  • The Ganondorf Costume is practically made of Hell Is That Noise. Just listen for yourself.


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