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Nightmare Fuel / Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

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Homestar Ruiner

  • The first episode not only features the Drive-Thru Whale but gives it more dialogue than all of its previous appearances combined, mixing the Whale's typical hilarious nonsense ("Would you like monkeys with that?") with a dash of Paranoia Fuel ("Please smile for the Blubb-o's satellite camera!") and at least one insinuation of fiery destruction ("When the End Times come, we will all dance the Conga of the Apocalypse!").
    • Well, more like Foreshadowing, when you get to the "end times" of the game and you have to kick everyone out by inciting a conga line.
  • While Strong Sad's depression is usually played as relatively inconsequential, one of the possible responses in implies that Strong Sad would be at risk of not just considering, but attempting self-harm or suicide if he goes off his meds, in a much more serious and realistic manner than most of Strong Sad's death comments (including literally asking someone to shoot him in "Happy Hallow-Day", which at least was mitigated by the fact he was acting cheerful at the time). It's part of a lie to keep Marzipan from finding out Strong Bad has her hedge clippers, but still, the fact that Strong Bad goes for it and Marzipan believes him without question are disturbing by themselves.
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  • Who can forget Gel-arshie's Jump Scare moment? When a crate of his product used to turn a pool into gelatin and Strong Bad sings the commercial jingle, only for-
    Gel-arshie: DON'T SING MY SONG!
    Strong Bad: *screams*

8-Bit Is Enough

  • Not fond of Gel-Arshie, the creepy red gelatin mascot? Well, he appears in full creepy fashion in "8-Bit is Enough" and becomes one of Strong Bad's party members. Creepy Mascot + More screen time = New levels of Nightmare Fuel. Even worse, he's REQUIRED in order to beat the final boss.
    Gel-arshie: Hey kids! I'm Gel-Arshie and I'm in your house! You tired old snacks can-AHH! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY LEGS?!
    • You summon him by rigging the villain to shoot point-giving fruit instead of ammo. This results in a Kill Screen that brings Gel-arshie into the real world. It even parodies The Ring when he jerks forward, causing Strong Bad to scream and fall back.
  • In an Easter Egg, Strong Bad attempts the "Bloody Mary" routine in front of the bathroom mirror. While she doesn't show up, The Horrible Painting pops up behind him in a Jump Scare.


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