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Nightmare Fuel / Streets of Rage Remake

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"I don't remember this being in the original..."

  • In the remake depicted above, Souther, the boss of the slum stage, is seen brutally murdering somebody before he is encountered in a boss fight. The body of his victim is never seen, but there is a massive pool of blood on the ground nearby.
    • If an enemy is sliced, blown up, or run over in the remake, they will become bisected. This contrasts beating the tar out of them (where the deaths are just implied in that case) because it shows some of the enemies' internal organs. It can be more disturbing if Skate slices through his enemies with his special move. There is the option to turn that off, but still.
  • The two worst endings start with Mr. X's building exploding and the ensuing aftermath. It doesn't help that the transition to this scene happens immediately after you run out of time.


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