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Nightmare Fuel / Street Fighter II V

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  • Vega kisses Chun-Li in her sleep and gives her a Love Potion that will ensure she only has eyes for him. When Ken realizes this and goes to fight him, Vega utterly dominates most of the battle, impaling and breaking both of his feet and clawing at Ken until he's barely conscious from blood loss. His theme is also very eerie, giving the sense of an unwinnable fight.
    • Almost as bad is that he's a Villain with Good Publicity, as the crowd is perfectly fine with him nearly killing Ken as well as others in lethal cage matches.
  • Zoltar demonstrates the power of the mind-control chips by having a brainwashed inmate kill himself by smashing his head into a wall repeatedly.
  • Bison strangles Nash, Guile's friend, to death with his bare hands, then brainwashes Ryu and Chun-Li to fight their friends.


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