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Nightmare Fuel / StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

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  • The mission "Piercing The Shroud" is terrifying. It starts off rather leisurely, with even the stronger zerg units fairly easy to kill, often due to being chained up. Then you cut the power, and the rest of the mission consists of a mad dash for the exit as you try to escape from the invincible Hybrid. If you played the Zeratul Prophecy Mission(s) that has you fight these hybrids with a Protoss army, imagine coming face-to-face with them for "real" only your Terran weapons are useless against them.
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  • The entirety of the Ariel Hanson missions. At first you have to defend the colonists and evacuate them from the zerg. Then you spend a mission where every night (several minutes in-game) you have to retreat to your base as hundreds of infested terrans bear down on you. And depending on your choice in the final mission, you may see Hanson infested and crawling around the ceiling taunting Raynor to kill her.
  • The normally stoic, deadpan and fearless Tosh is clearly wigged out from the Hybrid's psychic "scream" after the raid on the Dominion laboratory. invoked
    Blinding. Searing. Like the sun burning in your face with your eyes squeezed shut. I have never felt such a thing before. I hope I never do again.
  • Kerrigan's talk with Zeratul in the beginning of "In Hushed Whispers", where she, with an almost childlike glee, extolls about how Amon will soon awaken and destroy all life in the galaxy. Her sing-songy voice and giggling make her seem mentally unbalanced and very crazy.
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  • The Moebius Factor has an eerie mood to it, as you're surrounded by Zerg in an over-run city and racing against an invincible Kerrigan to destroy all three data cores before she completes a search of one. This Zerg tune tends to play, enhancing the sense of dread. Even Raynor is unnerved by this encounter, having a heavy drink of whiskey and a recurrant nightmare where he witnesses Kerrigan abandoned to the Zerg on Tarsonis by Mengsk's orders.

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