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Nightmare Fuel / Spyro: Year of the Dragon

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  • The entire premise of the game: the Sorceress has been kidnapping dragon eggs so she can kill the dragon hatchlings and cut their wings off to make an immortality potion for herself. A kids' game, implying mass genocide and infanticide? Damn, that is pretty dark.
    • It gets worse: in the Reignited trilogy, some of the elder dragons have artificial wings, such as Zander, with wings made of magic crystal, or Marco, with strapped-on mechanical wings. Were they survivors of the Sorceress's evil schemes long ago?
  • The Sorceress turns minions into bosses to fight Spyro (akin to Kamek in Yoshi's Island). At least one was forced into it, despite struggling and pleading for mercy.
  • The first Final Boss battle against the Sorceress ends with an excessively vague brief cutscene with her hand emerging from the lava. The second one isn't pleasant either: she meets her end in a pool of acid.
  • Frozen Altars has a lot of giant snowmen that Spyro must defeat with lasers; getting too close to one results in them grabbing Spyro, shaking him and throwing him away. All while sporting a demonic Slasher Smile.
  • Buzz, Spike, and Scorch were all rhynoc soldiers who got transformed, in one case against their will. What they become is so far from their original forms that you have to feel bad for them.
    • Spike was a particularly creepy case, not only is he That One Boss, but his design and music theme is one of the most unsettling. His intro cutscene is absent in some versions the game, given the events occurring it almost comes off as an act of mercy to little kids (he not only willingly transforms into him under the promise of eating Spyro, but Bianca looks terrified of him and just as the cutscene ends he lets out a hellish roar at the screen).
  • The Flying Geckos in Enchanted Towers, who start of as small harmless-looking things on the ground, but suddenly grow into big flying monstrosities with huge mouths full of razor-sharp teeth as soon as you get close, glaring at you and spitting fireballs.
  • Some of the NP Cs have... rather disturbing intentions for the dragon eggs. Moneybags was planning to sell it back in Avalar for a fortune, essentially child trafficking for all intents and purposes, the Mountain Goats in Sheila's Alp were planning to smash the egg on each other's houses as a prank, and perhaps worst of all, Sgt. Byrd suggests to Spyro that the egg he has "would go great with some bangers and hash", essentially saying straight to someone's face that babies of their species are delicious. Yikes.
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  • The scene when Hunter springs a trap meant for Spyro. He falls into a cage and then we hear the Sorceress laugh offscreen. One has to wonder she was going to do to Hunter had Bianca not set him free.


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