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Nightmare Fuel / Sound of Drop

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Welcome to the Red Manten Aquarium.

"Caution This work contains depictions of excessive violence and grotesque imagery. For those who dislike such content or have a weak heart, please be advised."
-Content Warning shown when starting up the game.

Sound of Drop is a horror game after all, and it wouldn't be complete without some Nightmare Fuel to spice things up.

  • As mentioned on the main page, the game has a whopping 27 bad ends, more than a few of them are pretty scary.
  • The Content Warning displayed during the game's startup seems to throw in a nice little dose of Paranoia Fuel and The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You at the very end.
    • "If something should happen when you visit the aquarium, those involved in the making of this work bear no responsibility."
  • From an Adult Fear perspective, imagine if your daughter went out with her friends and they just disappeared one day, never to be seen again. Or if your child ran off and vanished shortly afterward and no one ever found a body or any evidence on what happened to her.
  • Suddenly being pulled into a crazy world where Everything Is Trying To Kill You as a premise is pretty unsettling.
  • Mayumi finding Himeno in Red Manten Aquarium. The description makes the horror abundantly clear and there's just something inherently creepy about seeing Himeno bleeding from her eyes and nematodes infecting her.
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  • The Jump Scare in the jellyfish room where several severed human heads appear floating in the tanks. The red eyes, stringy hair, mouth open in a silent scream, it looks freaking terrifying and it comes out of nowhere. *shudder*.
  • Mayumi being unable to do anything as Rieko bashes Sayo's head against the glass over and over until she dies. is chilling on a first play through.

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