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Nightmare Fuel / Soul Eater: Troubled Souls

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For the horrific moments that abound in Soul Eater: Troubled Souls.

Remember, Spoilers Off applies to this page. Read only after you've caught up with the story.

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Act 1

     Introduction Arc 
  • Picture this: You and your family are heading home after a nice day out visiting other family members. It’s nighttime, but not quite that dark, so for all intents and purposes, it’s safe to be out. Then, while you guys are minding your business, here comes this… thing that wants to kill and eat your and your family’s soul, which includes your innocent little child. That’s what happens in Chapter 1.
  • In a preview of what to expect, Chapter 1 ends with a mini-flashback of Caius impaled on the side of a house. He was fourteen when that happened.
  • The workings of the Gemini are pretty terrible to think about. You have a monster that can split apart yet work as one to cover more ground. To users of Soul Perception, whenever one of these halves kills someone, it looks as if the soul just up and disappears for no reason at all.
  • Chapter 7: One Correctional Class kid threatens to Kathi to set the whole library on fire with a Slasher Smile.

     Joint Resonance Training Arc 
  • The guerilla tactics of the Twin Gentlemen, using the expansive Amazon Rain Forest as cover, become this after two certain scenes. One, after being separated from Kim and Marcellus, Jacqueline and Tsuji are taking a breather. Tsuji then spots the barrel of musket aimed right at Jackie’s head. If it weren’t for his reflexes, her head would’ve been blown clean off. Two, Kim was actually shot out of nowhere by one of them, terrifying Marcellus. Good thing she can heal.
  • Chapter 16: The Deep Ones: The Shady Town of Innsmouth. Obviously, it’s a shout-out to H.P. Lovecraft and the related work. That should tell you something.
    • The Deep Ones are a cult of Kishin worshippers who’d rather have Asura as the world’s guardian than Lord Death. Using Innsmouth as a lair of sorts, the Deep Ones collect souls for either themselves or to sacrifice to the Kishin. They’re also territorial and paranoid, killing off insiders that threaten to put them down. They are such a dreaded force that the townspeople live in fear of everything.
    • The scene where the readers get the aforementioned information is succeeded by Ox, Harvar, Crona, and Ragnarok meeting one of these things – the supposedly kind old man telling this transforms into a Deep One.
    An eerie wavelength suddenly washed over the bar as the bartender started to change form. His muscle mass grew to the point his outfit ripped and split open parts of his skin, exposing the black muscles. The bartender hunched over as his bones cracked and protruded from the broken skin, the deformed fragments acting like spines and fins. His nose jutted out into a snout. His jaw expanded, and his teeth thinned out, sharpened, and multiplied, becoming more like a piranha's – teeth meant to shred rather than bite. Finally, his eyes bulged out and became opaque, large, and unblinking.
    • After that, the rest come out of hiding to prove the tale true. The townspeople run for their lives, not wanting to face their wrath. One guy poor can’t catch up to the others because his leg is hurt. A Deep One pounces him and proceeds to tear into the man as the story describes the process and aftermath in detail.
    • Since the beginning of the chapter, it is pointed out Innsmouth has a rather foul stench to it. Well, we later learn that it’s the smell of death. The Deep Ones stuff the corpses of their victims into the many unused buildings to hide their crimes.
    • As if all that wasn’t enough, the Deep Ones can collectively transform into a disgusting entity called Yog-Sothoth composed of viscous liquid, thrashing tentacles, mouths, eyes, and fins. Ox and Crona catch hell trying to beat the thing because it can regenerate.
  • At the start of Chapter 18, Crona has a nightmare where he/she is ordered by Medusa to kill a helpless old man that is Bound and Gagged. With little provocation, Crona impales the strapped-down man with Ragnarok, the Flashback Nightmare pretty much detailing Crona at his/her lowest.

     Cobra Island Arc 
  • A minor one, but when Caius briefly talks about the Vladingham Massacre at the circle, the narration lets you know Alexei and his father Vladimir were missing for several weeks until investigators found them. As scraps of flesh buried under the snow. What did Cancer do?!
  • Another minor one in the same circle. Claudia's backstory involves an accident at her former school. Her Partial Transformation kicked in at the wrong time, and it badly hurt one of the girls (albeit a bully). Claudia was pretty much expelled from the Academy of Arts for accidental attempted murder.
  • In Chapter 24, we learn Cancer is using the Anria to depopulate Bermuda.
  • Ouroboros, Medusa’s greatest curse, can lock away anything about you with just a chant and a bite from a vector snake. This includes abstract concepts like a personality trait or a superpower. While it does have a limit (Kid after he connects a Line of Sanzu is too powerful to be cursed and curses can’t be stacked), the room it does have makes you wonder how far can someone be cursed the first time.
  • Medusa wanting to make the gang suffer with such wanton cruelty shows how utterly vile and horrifying she can be.
  • Medusa’s attempted murder of Shaula when she gleefully uses Vector Drill to pierce Shaula’s chest, trying to wrest out her soul. Like with that one scene with the Deep One, the narration doesn’t really skip out on the details.
  • The fourth and final game pits everyone against shadows that are likely a Shout-Out to the Shadow Selves of Persona 4. Born from a combination of Free’s Spatial Magic and Medusa’s Ouroboros, these things are manifestations of all of their worst flaws, insecurities, and suppressed dark thoughts. The shadows are armed with the heroes' original powers and abilities, but with Medusa’s twisted and wicked personality. They’re also absolutely brutal both physically and vocally. Naturally, everyone comes out alive… but not everyone is okay. Maka has a fatal gash across her chest from when her shadow slashed her with its scythe, Rowena is badly beaten and bruised, Tsuji is unconscious after being turned into a "human pincushion", and Caius is a mess of burns and various wounds.
    • That's the aftermath, don't forget about what happens during those fights. Kid's shadow blew both of his arms clean off, a defenseless Kilik can't do jack against his shadow and that leaves the Pot Twins alone, and Crona nearly succumbs to Mad Blood.
  • Medusa cursing her child, taking away Ragnarok, and putting him into an And I Must Scream situation.
  • Reanimation Magic! It allows one to resurrect a dead or half-dead being, customize it to your liking, and acquire yourself a minion. The trade-off is that said minion loses all of its free will and is stuck in an eternal limbo between life and death. The soul is entirely optional. It’s a type of Magic so heinous, so inhumane that the Witches and the DWMA, sworn enemies, see eye-to-eye on it: no one is to use it or else suffer dire consequences. Medusa knows the magic and used it on Atlas to enhance her ploy. That was just a monster, imagine it on a human.
  • Although Eruka probably deserves it for running her mouth and being guilty by association, Tsuji gets so pissed off that he drowns and chokes her at the same time. Luckily, Mizune saves her, but poor Eruka is damn near traumatized by Tsuji’s rage.

     Chicago Gang Arc 
  • We already knew the Anria were wreaking havoc in Bermuda, but we catch another glimpse of the chaos in Chapter 36. Cancer uses surveillance show to her sister, Neptune/Kujira, a few Anria rampaging in Somerset Village, Bermuda, including a part where they tear down a building to get to the people inside. Then Henderson casually drops Bermuda’s been isolated from the rest of the world as this is going on. Neptune/Kujira is visibly disturbed.
  • Chapter 37:
    • The beginning finally justifies the Anria as a threat, especially to normal humans. Bringing Other Side Gang members to an out-of-the-way location, Clarke sics the Anria on them. This time, thankfully, the story doesn’t go into detail, instead having the Anria drag the people into the shadows and going to town on them. Except for one…
    A gangster sprinted out, outfit in tatters and blood streaking his body. A flying Anria darted out and tackled the person into the ground. A talon pressing the gang member’s face into the ground, the Anria watched human’s eyes bulge out and sweat fall in rivulets. The skin below its eye cracked in a line, and its mouth opened. Black miasma poured out and rows upon rows of sharp teeth faced the pinned gangster.
    • Then Clarke orders the Anria to kill the approaching police officers! They rip through the cars like wet issue paper with a humanoid Anria even flipping one over easily.
    • The same chapter depicts a scene from the Ricardsen twin’s childhood. The two are napping when all of a sudden they have a nightmare so intense it wakes them up. Right there is a shadow getting ready to kill them. Thankfully, Rosalind takes care of it. Adult Fear at its finest. The same attack traumatized Tsuji so badly it carried on until the present, albeit subconsciously.
    • Anria are bulletproof. The one effective defense humans have against them is moot.
    • The Anria Marlon used to attack police out of defiance towards Portis. It has eight, stalk-like legs with humanlike hands. It’s surprisingly quick for its size. At one point in the chapter, as Joe cautiously rides through Chicago Gang territory, it snatches Tsuji out of the car in one quick motion, slamming him into the ground so hard it creates a hole.
    • In said hole, it is filled with restless, caged Anria eyeing Tsuji hungrily. Then, the stalk-legged Anria attacks Tsuji out of nowhere again, almost biting off a part of Tsuji.
    • Tsuji getting shot. Yes, he survived. No, it doesn't make the imagery any less horrifying. He’s discovered the nest of Anria in Chicago and defeated a particularly pesky one. Then, out of nowhere, Clarke of the Chicago Gang (incidentally the same dude above) floors the guy with a single shot. He deliberately missed to draw out his suffering. He even does it a second time before ordering the rest to finish off Tsuji execution squad style.
  • Tsuji’s worsening mental state. First it’s all fun and games showing off. Then he gets increasingly irritated from a lack of action. In a mission against the Knights of Dishonor, he almost commits several acts of Friendly Fire on Maka and Black Star; he fires so many arrow a mess of blood and armor lies on the ground once he’s done. When he splits off from the two after an argument, he encounters a sole Knight of Dishonor and proceeds to savagely beat it up with nightmarish ferocity, grinning and laughing like a crazed man all the while.
    Tsuji: (Laughing Mad) Yes! I’m no longer afraid! Of anything or you!
    • That’s loss of control from failing to master the Enchanted Eyes. They’re powerful, all right, but you must face primal urges, destructive thoughts, potential insanity, and other things. Talk about Blessed with Suck.
  • Chapter 40:
    • The Cambridge attack is given more context. Some mysterious figure has orchestrated an assault on the peaceful city. Two families are just trying to get together and catch up. Now their lives have been turned upside down. Two children are traumatized, Noel’s been turned into a broken man, and Rosalind’s and Yvette’s murderer is out there somewhere and we don’t know who or where that person is. It’s as tragic as it is horrifying.
    • Another flashback, and it involves Noel heading to the village where the Vladingham Massacre took place. He’s hoping nothing truly horrid happened, but he’s quickly proven wrong. A giant, spiraling tree of sharp needles is in the middle of a destroyed village with skewered bodies hanging from it. The village itself is full of dead bodies and debris. The kicker is Amagai and Rukia, the parents of Caius and two close friends of Noel, at the base of that tree "embracing each other in messy, undignified death". Thank God the author decided not to explain how messy. It seriously does beg the question of what exactly Cancer did…
  • Tsuji vomiting blood for his classmates, friends, and family to see. This was the point the sinister nature of the Enchanted Eyes is made clear. To backtrack, he’s been experiencing physical trouble since the Knight of Dishonor incident. Getting up from his couch too fast disoriented him, doing a simple run against Black Star almost makes him collapse, and now he’s a pale, sweating, weakened, and nauseous mess of his former glory. Jacqueline is in the process of taking him to Nygus as they bump into Stein. All of a sudden, he can’t think straight, everything is spinning around, and voices register as faint to him. He mutters out a feeble “Help me” before he regurgitates blood on the doorway and Stein’s lab coat. The reveal the “curse” is something far, far, worse settled it: people with Enchanted Eyes aren’t Cursed with Awesome or Blessed with Suck, they are downright Born Unlucky.
  • Chapter 43: Soriano finds out Marcellus returned home to Chicago. He orders his gang to kill him and Morgan to get a reaction from Portis. What ensues is a car chase following Morgan and her doctor picking him up from school. Just when all is well, and they made it safely home – BANG! The doctor is shot by Soriano, who is waiting for the two with Kujira at the Chicago Gang territory. Soriano proceeds to beat up Morgan (mind you, a very ill person) while Kujira subdues Marcellus and forces him to watch. After Morgan manages to get Kujira and distract Soriano long enough to shoot him, a cruel Hope Spot happens when Soriano soldiers through his bullet wound and shoots Morgan while she’s fleeing. The best option left is to shoot a gas line and blow up the building they’re in so Marcellus can escape.
  • Portis’s retaliation is not pretty. In the aforesaid car chase, their pursuers were halted at a four-way. Once the don declares open season, the readers are treated to a scene with them again. Out of nowhere, a Chicago Gang drive-by happens. The Other Side gangsters are riddled with bullets for the rest to find, along with the graffiti and a bloody scarab beetle on their vehicle.
  • Walena makes her move. Left and Right try to off her on confirmed suspicions, but it's too late. She puts voodoo masks on them, their shadow tentacles said to "probe their mind". She sics Left and Right on the other gangsters and, the next time we see Portis and Marcellus, they are assaulted in the foyer by scores of these possessed people, who act more akin to zombies than anything. Portis pulls a Heroic Sacrifice like his late wife so Marcellus can escape. Walena's flippant attitude to the whole thing is disgusting.
  • In Chapter 44, we finally earn the true history and complete nature of the Enchanted Eyes: Voice, a tall red shadow who originally created them, used them to punish the gods for transgressions by attacking humans instead. They essentially make people more prone to Insane Equals Violent bouts, explaining Tsuji's more crazed moments. Horrified by his own work, Voice became The Atoner, but the fallen said "Screw that, we're not gonna let you off that easily" and continued his former mission. Thus, the "curse" people talked about previously was an Eldritch Abomination making people with Eyes suffer. Talk about a Cosmic Horror Reveal.
    • Don't forget to note it's entirely possible for Voice not to reach users before the curse. They can apparently block his influence. Which means you could be slowly dying and never truly learn why. Yeesh...
  • While Tsuji vs. Walena is pure awesome, it has a qualifying moment at the start. The effects of the Anria voodoo mask (a special Lao Walena got help to make from Henderson note ) are shown. Portis has been turned into blanched, feral husk of a man with spines and such jutting out of his body "like a parasite threatening to consume its host."

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