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Nightmare Fuel / Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide

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  • Eggman and Wily's true plan is to super-charge the Genesis Wave to alter their realities from the ground up. Their first order of business when the wave finishes charging is to get rid of Sonic and Mega Man, meaning they'll rule both worlds with an iron fist.
  • While Mega Man is successfully able to restore his world, Sonic isn't as lucky. Thanks to Eggman disrupting Sonic's Chaos Control, the Sonic multiverse collapsed in on itself. Eggman committed the single greatest act of mass-murder in the Sonic comic's history, and the Bolivian Army Ending is the last page of the crossover.
    Eggman: That...that doesn't look right...
    Super Sonic: Oh, for the love of...Eggman, what did you DO?! WHAT DID YOU-
    (fade to white)
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  • The idea that Devil Cores, the eye components that control the Devil Series robots from the Mega Man games, can be plugged into living liquids. Dr. Wily has the ability to hijack any creature that can liquify itself the same way he and Eggman hijacked Chaos 0.


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