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Nightmare Fuel / Sonic Origins

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  • The very implications of a world that should the heroes be erased out of existence. Most if not all of them, practically end in the world or even other worlds being destroyed if not for their actions.
  • Amy's Sanity Slippage being written as a Take That! against fanatical Sonamy shippers. Her actions lead her to being a S-grade stalker that makes Sonic live everyday in Paranoia Fuel, leading to getting her admitted into lunatic asylums and then getting kicked out for driving the other inmates more insane than usual!!!
    • Chapter 15 kicks her actions Up to Eleven by declaring that to ensure that she has his kids, she would resort to stealing his sperm and perform self-impregnation. Holy shit!!!
  • The fact that the fair Amy went to had a serial killer/molester in the house of mirrors meant that Amy dodged a bullet there. If she went in there on that fateful day...
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  • Amy's cursing event was accompanied with the screams of the damned complete with Voice of the Legion by the fortune teller in question.
  • Mighty being forced into being a male escort which is pretty much male prostitution to make ends meet. The experience was so bad with one of his particular customers that just saying his name gives him PTSD. When Vector was about to say what exactly the person in question did, everyone else already had horrified looks on their faces. When Rouge and Silver decide to try their luck on how bad can he be, Espio whispered it into their ears. Both of them proceed to vomit from sheer disgust only stopping to repeat how wrong it is. The reader never knew what Espio said...
  • The genocides by the Knuckles Clan in their resurgence which makes the fact that they became victims of one such act by their own guardians no less more satisfying.
  • The Nocturnus issuing cullings of their recruits loved ones thinking that it makes them monsters without remorse. Shade was the only one who defied it and it still ended in its death while other recruits continued killing as if nothing happened. One would not be surprised if there had truly been such a practice in human history...
    • The victory parades they hold have the ruling class of the defeated nation pull the main chariot, while utterly breaking the heirs to the defeated nation, usually a princess until they can only whisper "Remember you are mortal. Remember you are mortal. Remember you are mortal" into the super weapon's auditory sensors just to remind him that for all his power he is only mortal.
    • A robot with a Adaptive Ability given Rape, Pillage, and Burn protocol being sent out to the field, discovering rape as a form of assault and then testing it out on slaves and POWs alike. Not to mention, he committed enough war crimes to single-handily take up the entirety of the Nuremberg Trials. That robot is Gladius aka EMERL/GEMERL!!
  • When Ix and Shade enter the weapons lab, the duo is greeted by a technician using his own eyeballs as a necklace. And it only gets worse from here, as they go in deeper, the terrain changes to become an incomprehensible mess, seeing sacrifices of both flesh and metal impaled and assimilated into the very place itself. When Shade is being driven mad by the eldritch location, she even resorts to idolizing the very dictator that made her life hell just to keep her sanity. The number of bodies keep increasing as they go in deeper resulting in...
    • The entirety that is the awakening of Gizomochao.
      And suddenly everything was gone. Vitruvius, the figures, the machine, the egg, the world, everything was gone, and in its place was… A thing, a force or entity or malevolence, older than the universe, and larger too, with too many angles and eyes and mouths and limbs and everything and it was staring at her and oh sweet Ix it COULD SEE HER WHY WOULDN'T IT STOP LOOKING AT HER AND HUNGERING AND HATING AND WHY WHY WHY WHY

      And the world came back, and the egg, and the machine, and the figures, and Vitruvius, and everything else…and something else, something new. But when Shade looked at it, she knew it once that it was also the Thing she had just seen, and that the creature before her was just a mask, the smallest protrusion of the extra-dimensional horror, the only way it could exist in the universe she knew without destroying it completely.

      And the creature itself… While at first glance, it seemed relatively harmless and unassuming, if you looked at it for more than a second—or knew what it truly was, as Shade did—you'd realize something was off about it. It looked either more or less real than everything around it, for one thing. Space and light seemed to bend and distort around its form. Its body was very round, most of it comprised of orbs, their curvature more exact and precise than any curve or circle Shade had seen before, to the point where her eyes started to water trying to comprehend them. Shade got a sudden feeling that if their circumference were measured, it would somehow be exactly 3, no matter how impossible that might be. The middle orb, comprising the body, was mustard yellow with three small circles in the center which abruptly irised open to reveal a trio of blue optics, a blue of a shade that could not possibly exist on the electromagnetic spectrum and made Shade queasy just looking at it. A pair of black spheres, the blackness so dark that they absorbed the light and seemed to be miniature holes in reality, were attached to the middle body by a pair of short, flexible beige tubes. The feet were also yellow, with orange tips, attached directly to the central orb's underside. A large gray wind up key was inserted into its back, covered in various mind-breaking runes and sigils and looking more like the key to the gates of hell than anything that should ever be paired with any toy, slowly turning of its own volition. The head was shaped like an onion, the tip seeming to extend forever and forever into infinity, yellow on the sides with a white face with the same orange and yellow crest-like ornament most Gizoids had on the forehead. A pair of orange propeller blades spun around the infinite point, their every rotation sending out ripples which distorted the air and seemed to briefly tear it aside to reveal something…else. It had a mouth in a broad smile with orange teeth so sharp that even a scratch from one would probably be enough to sever a limb, if not cut through the fabric of reality. It had two big blue optics similar to the ones in its chest but larger, seeming to be portals leading to an infinite expanse of blueness from which there was no escape, an expanse that something else was looking out of. Another orb was hovering over the tip of the head—yes, the tip that extended into infinity!—but this one was not made of metal but of fire, with a line of darkness running down the center, a burning eye staring at all of them.

      "Ye gods…" Ix whispered in horror as the monstrosity rose into the air, even though its propeller didn't change its slow rate of rotation in the slightest, adding to its otherworldly terror.

      Vitruvius laughed insanely as his fellows moaned, twitched, and either groveled or collapsed on the spot. "Yes! YES! We have done it! He lives! OUR GOD LIVES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" He laughed and laughed and kept laughing, even as blood gushed from his ears and nose and mouth until he fell to the floor, and coughed up his lungs, and died as the flesh melted from his bones, and even then he wouldn't stop laughing.

      "Hi there! I'm Gizomochao!" the abomination said in a cute, perky voice with a reverb effect making it sound like something far less adorable and chipper were saying the same words but slightly out of sync, every syllable dripping with enough hate to break the world. "How can I destroy you today?"

      There was a deafening scream, and then Shade knew no more.
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  • The fact the monsters of myth are very real and is a secret conspiracy in ruling the world from the shadows. Paranoia Fuel much??
  • When Team Dark break the cocoon holding the Duke of Werewolves, the results aren't pretty...
  • Blaze's place of imprisonment. Imagine the worst of Fields of Punishment and the torture chambers of the levels of hell combined.
    • Blaze herself is psychologically broken by her imprisonment, essentially leaving her with permanent mental scars of that place.
  • The fate of Helheim's victims. Being burned to death is a sweet release by comparison.
    • The real reason for the assimilating roots? It is to replace the lifeforce drained from the victims with diluted Helheim venom to turn them into Overlords.
  • Unwanted Chao being ground up to feed Gizomochao if they weren't bought in time.
  • The very idea that Vanilla married and actually had sex with Eggman. No wonder the entire cast had a collective Heroic BSoD.
  • The fact that Solana is so screwed up that their king would think that using Helheim would be a good idea and it is still one of the better places to live in compared to the rest of the Sol Dimension speaks volumes for his motives.
  • Should Dark Oak succeed, he would give Eggman Nega a sample population made up of various races from around the world to experiment on complete with his own country.
  • Blaze ripping out Cosmo's right eye may have good intentions (see:bomb in head). Even then the suddenness of it is quite shocking and Blaze is lucky that Eggman Nega told her the actual location of the bomb and wasn't lying to her about it.
    • The fact that Cosmo could have her head blown up anytime is terrifying enough.
  • Dark Oak's unwilling usage of the Yomotsuheguri leading up to his transformation to Phase 3 and after that the appearance of his Phase 4 and 5 form in general.
  • According to Silver, Jet would kill himself by biting off his own tongue and choking on his own blood after being told that he can never walk again due to a crash while running away from the police. He lets slip that the Chaotix will suffer even worse fates but manages to clam up before revealing too much.
  • Sticks' flashback about getting nearly raped by whale pirates. Everyone immediately ask her to cut off the flashback before it got worse. Suddenly, Espio states that he finally understood what he had been through.
    Sticks: Oh, so Pirates also tried to rape you, but you managed to break free at the last minute and make a daring escape?
    Espio: …No…
    • Doubles as Tear Jerker when you thought the Chaotix couldn't have possibly suffered enough.
  • The Gunslinger's home. It is an old cabin surrounded in a hill of gravestones. When asked if this is all the people the Gunslinger's killed, he says no as this is just the graves of the gunslingers throughout history.
    • Not to mention, he boasts that if the graves are really for all the people he actually killed, the cemetery will stretch for miles.
  • Imagine one day when a stranger awes you with his skill and offers you his apprenticeship. After following him to his home, you were asked to dig a grave. When done, the person sets the gravestone and reveals your own name on it before promptly shooting you dead. That is the rite of passage for every Gunslinger in history so that the next in line becomes a revenant that is part of the Gunslinger's arsenal.

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