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Nightmare Fuel / Sonic Forces

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After several lighthearted entries in the series, Sonic Forces decides to go in the opposite direction by having a plot where Eggman finally wins and conquers the world. Naturally, there's bound to be plenty of scary moments.

Beware of unmarked spoilers below!

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    Promotional Material 

    Main Campaign 
  • The simple fact that Eggman won! After countless defeats at the hands of the Blue Blur, Eggman finally had his one good day and managed to conquer 99% of the world, with only pockets of resistance rising against him. The transition from the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain we got from Sonic Colors, Sonic Lost World, and the Sonic Boom-games to a world-ruling dictator is jarring, to say the least.
    • What's more frightening is the cabal of villains Eggman has formed to aid in his quest for world domination. There's Metal Sonic, Chaos, Shadow, and Zavok. Even though they aren't technically real, they share the real ones' personalities. And they're just as strong as the originals.
    • And then, there's the Death Egg Robot Sentinels, pictured above. While the original Death Egg Robot is one of the series' most iconic bosses, having previously been featured in five separate games, it was never seen as too threatening due to looking similar to Eggman in both design and color, capped off by a goofy-looking smile that almost no one could take seriously. But here? They're much taller than any previous design, painted black with glowing red decals, and have a single glowing red eye that can fire giant lasers. Their cold, expressionless faces make it clear that this model was not simply meant to be Eggman's personal mech; these are machines made for war on a grand scale. And to make matters even better, just one Sentinel is powerful enough to level an entire city... and there's a whole army of them!
      • Speaking of Death Egg Robots, the final boss is Eggman piloting a Death Egg Robot... only it looks absolutely nothing like the Death Egg Robots we've come to know and love, looking more like a huge mechanical, yet almost organic-looking version of Lyric fused with Dark Gaia, and it's powered by an overclocked Phantom Ruby, basically making it a Reality Warper. Also, after defeating the first two phases, the robot shuts down... only for a smaller robot that resembles a freakier version of the Nega Wisp Armor from Colors to smash against the aperture of its core like a beating heart and emerge from its chest in a frightening Shout-Out to the Alien franchise.
    • Even the simple Egg Pawns look incredibly menacing. Since their debut in Sonic Heroes, the Egg Pawns have been designed to basically resemble a robotic Eggman, giving them unique weapons and giving them a wide range of expressions, making them too cute to take seriously. Here, they have been redesigned to every bit resemble the soulless automatons they are. Their design is a simple ghostly white body with glowing red eyes or a red visor. Their movements are stiff, militaristic, and entirely mechanical. The first cutscene with them had them marching towards Tails and some civilians, preparing to kill them. Thankfully, Sonic arrives at the nick of time.
  • Fun is infinite with Infinite. Let us count the ways:
  • The "Uh-Oh" Eyes and Fish Eyes that the Avatar can have, although this is most likely unintentional.
  • The jungle level has a giant snake appear as a quick-time event. Failing has it eat Sonic and you die... but if you succeed it eats Sonic anyway, though he lives regardless of what happens afterward.
  • Null Space. A seemingly endless dimension of nothing. The music playing is the solemn piano bridge of Fist Bump, which only adds to the helplessness of the situation.
  • After Infinite is defeated, he's teleported away against his will. Tails tracks his Phantom Ruby... leading directly to Eggman's final mecha powered by the Phantom Ruby, but Infinite is nowhere to be seen. Even creepier is it's explicitly stated the Phantom Ruby's path led through the place Eggman 'built' Infinite... Exactly what did Eggman do?
  • Tails saw his best friend be defeated and possibly die right in front of himself. Not helped that from a scientific standpoint, the situation made no sense. Later on, we learn that the resistance considers Tails a lost cause, and we see Tails failing at repairing Omega while being rather nonchalant despite everything going on. Has Tails become a little insane?
  • It's likely due to the game's rating and the fact that SEGA and Sonic Team didn't want to go too far with the dark themes (considering the entire game is essentially taking place in the middle of a war and we already see Infinite kill several people on screen), but the idea of Sonic being essentially tortured for months is disturbing at most. Sure, it's kinda glossed over and he looks and acts absolutely fine like it never happened, but he's only 15 years old - he's still a child. Just goes to show how bloodthirsty Eggman can be. He won't just let Sonic die, he'll do it as slowly and painfully as possible.

    Episode Shadow 
  • Omega's defeat. The first indication something is wrong is when he reports that he has no idea where he is. Later, we get an indication of what he's seeing as he reports that Rouge has become a casualty note  and that Shadow must be destroyed. As Shadow asks him what's going on, Omega shouts out that he is the ultimate and abruptly cuts off.
  • Infinite's Sanity Slippage as a result of being defeated and humiliated by Shadow after having his whole mercenary squad wiped out. His Madness Mantra of "I'm not weak" adds a whole new layer onto Infinite who, under his seemingly calm and cocky demeanour, is really a petty, aggressive mercenary. The Japanese version of the scene is even worse, as it better captures Infinite's descent into full-blown insanity. That enraged roar at the end is an agonized scream with Japanese voices turned on, as though Infinite has been completely and utterly broken.
  • During the third level, Shadow manages to get back in communication with Rouge, who says that they are retrieving Omega three months after his destruction. However, when he reaches the place Omega was attacked, Rouge cheerfully claims it never happened while Omega chimes in saying that he's not weak, he's not weak, HE'S NOT WEAK, HE'S NOT WEAK. Infinite's Madness Mantra coming out of Omega is just unnerving.
    E-123 Omega: I am not defeated, I am not weak, I am not weak, I AM NOT WEAK... I AM NOT WEAK... I AM NOT WEAK...
  • The implication that Shadow killed the rest of the Jackal Squad. Good Is Not Nice.

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