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Nightmare Fuel / SomeOrdinaryGamers

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Being a Youtube channel mainly centering around Creepypasta reviews and Let's Plays of horror based titles, Nightmare Fuel is inevitable:

  • Mutahar's full playthrough of Imscared is almost as terrifying as actually playing it. Even Mutahar is visibly terrified throughout!
    • DOOM.EXE is another rare game that manages to legitimately terrify him.
  • Mutahar's playthrough of the Luna games, which are full of jumpscares and flashing imagery and ponies falling apart. His face when Luna 4 ends with Pinkie Pie getting sliced up off-screen before falling apart as it fades back in... and then the game crashing before opening up with Pinkie giving a Slasher Smile with the words "THIS ISN'T OVER" says it all.
  • Not to mention his playthough of Sonic.exe and one of its updates.
  • Some of the creepypastas take a nostalgic game/show/book and turn it on its head:
  • "Belief in Oneself" is chilling as much as it as Tear Jerker. The thought of being haunted by a series of games and not being able to tell others about it due to your schizophrenia is particularly sadistic. The fact that we don't know whether or not the games were actually haunting him, or it really was his own hallucinations doesn't help.
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  • For those afraid of death, "Just a 'Nightmare'" and "Hanging Gardens" can be considered this. One of them ends with the protagonist stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop after being Driven to Suicide, and the other ends up in a And I Must Scream situation.
  • Mutahar did a playthrough of the infamous "deep web" horror game called Sad Satan, and the game managed to make him physically ill due to heavily distorted music designed to make the player feel sick, and the usage of actual photographs of people being mutilated. Mutahar even had to contact the FBI upon finishing the game because of the game's use of illicit content like the gore photographs.
    • Even with the images (obviously) blurred out, his descriptions of the photographs are nothing short of disturbing.
  • Many of the episodes of "Deep Web Surfing" have some element of this or another. Sure, Mutahar often comes across things that are relatively tame like web forums, sites that sell illicit goods, Conspiracy Theorist websites or things with simply no explanation. Then he comes across hitmen, sexual deviants, possible murderers, descriptions of human experimentation, and other things that no sane person would endorse. Some of the reactions he has makes it clear he's equally disturbed as the viewer.
    • Any sites containing real life gore or content related to sexually abusing children cause him to go scarily quiet and seriously discuss how horrible it is instead of making his usual jokes. Notable example is a dark web crowdfunding site in which all the alleged projects involved paying for the owner to gain access to victims in exchange for providing video and images of the abuse to the backers.


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