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Nightmare Fuel / Snopes

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  • "The Body Under the Bed", an urban legend about a couple staying in a hotel being bothered by a foul smell coming from under their bed. Thinking somebody had an accident, they decide to take a look... and find that there's a decomposing human corpse hidden in the bed's pedestal. What's really scary is that this exact scenario has happened in real life multiple times, going as far back as 1982.
  • One hoax claimed that a mass grave of dozens of brutally tortured and murdered black men was found on the estate of a Ku Klux Klan leader in Jackson, Mississippi. Thankfully, this wasn't true.
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  • "The Well to Hell": Supposedly, a group of geologists drilling in Siberia ended up drilling a well 9 miles deep, then breach into a strange hollow area. They do some measurements and find that the hollow area has a temperature of over 2,000 degrees. When the lower microphones, they hear the anguished cries of thousands, if not millions of people, implying they managed to dig into Hell itself.
  • In one story, a famous psychic predicts that a gruesome mass murder will take place on a college campus on Halloween. Sure enough, at least nine people in a particular building are killed by a maniac wielding an axe or a knife.
  • One story claims that a young woman in post-World War II Berlin is asked to deliver a letter to a certain address by a blind man. When she turns back to ask if there's anything else the blind man needs, she discovers him walking around without his dark glasses or white cane, indicating he was only pretending to be blind. Suspicious, she goes to the police, who raid the address on the envelope, detain the man they find in the building, and find wrapped packages of human flesh to be sold on the black market — though some variants have the flesh labeled as pork products. What was in the envelope? A note saying "This is the last one I am sending you today. Please treat her like the rest."

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