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Nightmare Fuel / Small Favor

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  • What the Denarians do to Ivy. Torture of adults is horrible enough, but to a child? Nicodemus may be Affably Evil, but he is still, at the core, a monster, and that scene solidifies it.
    • The most of the torture is actually done by Tessa and Rosanna. Not because Nicodemus and Deirdre have any problem with that, but because that way, if Ivy escapes them in any way, Tessa and her followers would be her main target. It is this kind of cold calculation and forethought that's really scary about Nicodemus, far more than his power or main goals.
    • Let's not forget Marcone. They abduct him merely as a bait for Ivy, and then torture him for days for the sake it, without having anything to gain. Yes, the Denarians are monsters.
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  • The hob attack in the subway. Or more specifically, Harry mentioning that hobs don't just kill their victims, but like to drag them back into the Nevernever. And they were going after kids.
  • The description of what Harry feels like when he realizes he has been Mind Raped into forgetting about fire magic. It really brings home the horror of what it would be like to have someone rummaging around in your mind, even when it's after the fact.
  • Mab freezing the water in Harry's eyeballs is a pretty disturbing scene too. On one hand, she luckily doesn't go all the way through. On the other, the fact she does it just as a petty revenge is also a scary thought on its own.

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