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Nightmare Fuel / Slither

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  • Everything in the movie, but probably the pinnacle is when Brenda explodes, dispersing thousands of slugs all over the posse. Also, all of those nice, quirky lovable characters that populate the movie? Infinitely scarier when they turn into alien zombies.
  • You think children are safe from this alien zombie infection? NOPE. Hell, there's a sequence of two children getting infected! The audacity to subvert Infant Immortality worked.
  • The process whereby humans are turned into breeders for the slugs is nightmarish enough when the womb is implanted in the abdomen, as usually happens. MacReady gets one implanted in his shoulder, and in not more than a few minutes has a basketball-shaped growth covering most of his neck and right shoulder. Worse still, it's implied that the pain from this is enough to override the insatiable desire to eat that most breeders have, and lets him beg Pardy for a Mercy Kill.


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