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Nightmare Fuel / Slipknot

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Step inside.

That's right, maggots. The Nine just about manage to get something through your eyes, ears, or insides to get your full attention.



  • “742617000027”: “The whole thing I think is sick the whole thing I think is sick the WHOLE THING I THINK IS SICK....”
    • The line is taken from an old documentary about the Manson family.
  • “Tattered and Torn”. A violent, demented little jingle with a sinister guitar riff throughout. Think of Slipknot playing a carnival tune and mix in some horrifying screams, and you’ve got this song.
  • "Purity". Though the story was proven a hoax, Corey still felt the fear of being trapped in a box, watched by a stalker, waiting to die. You could notice by the way he screams her name at the ending.
    • "Frail Limb Nursery" counts big time. The girl's recorded voice on its own is scary enough, whether or not you understand what she's saying.
  • "Scissors". Holy shit, Corey never sounded more insane than this.



  • "(515)". Just sit back, relax, and listen to Sid frantically crying out for one full minute.
    • Mixes with Tear Jerker when you know he's grieving the death of his grandfather in there.
  • "Gently". The MFKR version had a lighter approach.
  • "Skin Ticket" pushes the boundaries of Slipknot's heaviness while Corey Taylor is just screaming out the lyrics like a madman on the verge of a suicidal breakdown during the track's peak, giving "Scissors" a run for its money.
  • The Iowa Title Track. A fifteen-minute Last Note Nightmare for the album itself.
    • The vocals for which, Corey Taylor recorded while naked, vomiting, and cutting himself.
    • The lyrics in the climax...: "YOU BELONG TO ME, I WILL KILL YOU TO LOVE YOU!", followed by Corey rambling about something...


Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)

  • The end of "Prelude 3.0".
  • "The Virus of Life". ALL of it.
  • "Danger - Keep Away" has these vibes thanks to the Uncommon Time and Paranoia Fuel lyrics in Shawn's part, but then softens up when Craig and Corey come in. But then there's that one man wailing in the background midway through the song...
  • The footsteps you hear in "Don't Get Close". Punctuated by banging against a pipe.

All Hope Is Gone

  • "Gehenna". Corey lulls you to sleep, and reels you in, and then makes the chills creep up your spine so slowly that you don't notice until all that's left of his voice is a death rattle.

.5: The Gray Chapter

  • "XIX" is built on little noises that bookend Corey screaming over an acoustic guitar that ultimately leads to—nothing.
  • "Killpop", by way of not being your usual Slipknot heaviness and instead focusing on scratchy up-beats and lyrics that taste of Gothic Metal. NOW DIE AND FUCKING LOVE ME.
  • "Be Prepared for Hell". You're just waiting for something other than that Drone of Dread, but then again, Nothing Is Scarier...

We Are Not Your Kind

  • "My Pain" features intense build-ups, distorted, glitchy electronic sounds, and eerie strained vocals supplied by Corey. I've always. Felt this way. For you.

Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. and others

  • "Killers Are Quiet". Anders' voice is so low, he almost blends into a creepy atmosphere that would eventually lay the foundation for Iowa.

Music videos:

  • The Deranged Animation version of "Wait and Bleed".
  • The child soaking his Cheerios in what looks like muddy water in "Left Behind". And eating it.
  • "Vermilion Pt. 2" has the girl from the first Vermilion video being moved around and lifted up by the wind without even a reaction. It only takes some time to realize she's already a corpse.
  • When they said 'bitter bucolic' in "Pulse of the Maggots" they weren't wrong. Even something as Narmy as "Psychosocial" manages to make your typical abandoned shack look creepy.
    • Also, what's with those giant heads?!
  • The sequences with Sid, Craig, and Paul in "Dead Memories".
    • And the sequence with Chris. The dark room lit by nothing but candles, the random crazy graffiti on the wall, and that glare he gives Corey as he blows out the last candle...
  • "The Negative One" (WARNING: NSFW) is pure witchcraft.
  • Everything about "The Devil in I". The mummies all around the performing band, the red sheet ghosts, Jay and V-Man getting repeatedly stabbed, and the rest of the band, in their All Hope Is Gone getup, Driven to Suicide in the most graphic ways possible.
  • "Killpop" isn't so much nightmarish as it can be considered artsy, but that ending...
  • Fun fact: the masks and outfits of the crowd in "All Out Life" are based on the pocong, an Indonesian/Malaysian ghost wrapped in white burial shrouds. Happy Halloween.
  • The woman at the beginning of “Unsainted” whose expression transitions in slow motion from blank stare to pure rage, right in front of the camera. Dear God.


  • The mere fact that they're Malevolent Masked Men should count. Also, some of the masks themselves.
  • In early gigs, Shawn used to keep a dead crow in a bottle and would sniff it just to puke all over his mask.

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