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Nightmare Fuel / Shrek 2

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"And just a hint of... lust."

Despite its Lighter and Softer nature than the first movie, Shrek 2 is still bound for Nightmare Fuel nonetheless.

Reminder, all spoilers are off for Moment pages.

  • Our new addition to the main characters, Puss in Boots, is introduced as a Bounty Hunter. His first scene has him shown hidden in the shadows of the Poison Apple:
    King Harold: Hello?
    Puss: Who dares enter my room?
    Harold: Uh, sorry! I hope I’m not interrupting, but I’m told you’re the one to talk to about an… ogre problem?
    Puss: You are told correct. But for this, I charge a great deal of money.
    Harold: Would this be enough?
    (Puss draws out his sword, shocking Harold, then slashes the bag open, revealing his pay)
    Puss: You have engaged my valuable services, Your Majesty. Just tell me where I can find this ogre.
  • The semi-antagonist, Prince Charming, was willing to kill Shrek by all means since he rescued Princess Fiona and ruined his chances in becoming king. Even worse when he becomes the main villain and plans on finishing him off in The Third.
    Prince Charming: I shall rend his head from his shoulders. I will smite him where he stands. HE WILL RUE THE VERY DAY HE STOLE MY KINGDOM FROM ME!
  • The Fairy Godmother discovers that Shrek is Fiona's husband, and she was appalled about it, and when she discovers that he stole the Happily Ever After potion, she had the idea of having her son pose as Shrek's human form before Shrek could reunite with her.
    Fairy Godmother: I do believe we can make this work to our advantage.
    • King Harold was smitten about how wrong he was about Charming being the right choice for Fiona, but Fairy Godmother was determined to have her fall in love with Charming, even if she'd threaten Harold by taking away with his lovelife.
    Harold: Perhaps it’s best if we just call the whole thing off, okay?
    Charming & Godmother: What?!
    Harold: You can’t force someone to fall in love.
    Godmother: I beg to differ. I do it all the time. (pulling out a red bottle with a heart-shape on top) Have Fiona drink this, and she’ll fall in love with the first man she kisses; which will be Charming.
    Harold: Umm... no.
    Godmother: What did you say?
    Harold: I can’t. I won’t do it.
    Godmother: Oh, yes, you will. (equipped with her magic wand) If you remember, I helped you with your happily ever after. And I can take it away just as easily. (pointing her glowing wand to his face) Is that what you want? Is it?
    Harold: No.
    Godmother: Good boy.
    Godmother: I told you "Ogres don't live happily ever AFTER!"
  • Just the context of the part where Fairy Godmother concocts a potion pictured above.
    Godmother: A drop of desire. (giggles) Naughty. A pinch of passion. (laughs) Mwah. And just of hint of... LUST.

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