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Nightmare Fuel / Shinnen New Year

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Just because its New Years Eve doesn't mean there are dark moments for this mega crossover.

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    In General 
  • Chapter 4, Sharon Rivers' labor in giving birth to Yuu is a mix between dark and humourous.
  • Chapter 5. There are two Popos (Abridged and Blue Popo) appear in the same location, what in the world do we live in?
    • Homura seeing a Microraptor-like figure in the sky and tries to locate it only that it disappear. It is a ominous warning to come.
    • The end of that chapter shows the re-introduction of Da'ath with their own Legion of Doom gives away dark vibes.
  • Chapter 10 onward when Da'ath and their forces are making their invasion in Manhattan. Armies such as Endlaves and Laughing Coffin are seen killing innocent civilians.
  • Chapter 11:
    • Lotso is killing people with his bare hands. Yeah, a small teddy bear doing that.
    • Another scene shows Valkyrie Skuld in action by being so sadistic in killing enemy forces in bloody glee that'll make Alucard proud.
    Skuld: Singing in the blood of my victims. They pour like raindrops and fill me with ecstasy! Which one wants to come next?
  • Chapter 12 gets to see the Bijuu from Japanese folklore arrive, and to think that Kaijuus are just as scary.
    • To support this, there are Indominus rexes seen. Yes, the hybrid that wreck havoc back in Jurassic World, now there's an army of them. Not only that, but there are flying Microraptors and hybrid pterosaurs that'll remind some readers of the Pteranodon/Dimorphodon breakout.
  • Chapter 17: Yuu Amano & Damemon are under Da'ath's control. Airu is killed by Yuu to show how dark it is.
  • Chapter 18: Nanba and his group are under Da'ath's control and summons Dromaeosaurids to chase after the Tennouzu students. The scene is very tense of trying to run away from the relentless hunters.
    • Geirskogul kidnapping Ford and attempting to have her way on him is unsettling. Thankfully Skogul saves him before it happens.
    • Oh yes, GHQ/Da'ath's forces are assaulting the UN Headquarters, to which it reminds of terrorists doing so. They bring a secret weapon inside a paddock, the growls give sinister vibes similar to a dangerous dinosaur inside.
  • Chapter 19: Skuld and Rota summoning their undead army. Rota's case are flayed ghouls that's taken from the House of Bolton. However, Skuld's is quite detailed as see here:
    Complying with Skuld's command, Garm opens his mouth as a white body spills out. This body sits up and eight arms pop out from the sides. The faceless visage of this pale-looking creature forms a haunting face. Two beady black eyes open up and a mouth with flesh lips forms. The creature roars a fear-inducing scream. Then, worms started popping out of the creature's back. Garm presses his paws down as the sign of Satan forms. An army of the lumbering undead emerges, men, women, children, elderly, and animals, looking deformed & decayed, some looking they suffered malnutrition, and all of them have creepy white eyes. They moan being the undead. Some of them, especially the children, dogs, and elderly, have their intestines spilling out. A pillar of fire emerges behind them as the demonic goat skull of Baphomet appears. Flesh forms over Baphomet's visage as his face filled out. An army of vile hell demons also materialized; tall behemoths with horns, muscle, and bathed in hellfire and walking skeletons. These demons pick off the flesh of the undead people while the zombies don't seem to mind being food for them. The blood of the wicked spills out from the symbol and bubbles up like acid. The Baphomet head casts a deathly glare toward Rota's hellish atmosphere.
  • Chapter 25: Skuld is furious for the first time after Oberon kills Garm and becomes a flayed zombie. If readers are nervous to see Skuld sadistically smiling, here's what its like for the Valkyrie of Darkness to be angry.
    • Sailor Moon's group venture to the Xenian Hive, which pays tribute to H.R. Giger's Alien. The source of the Xenian Flower, the Xenian Flower Queen is a dark reminder of the Xenomorph Queen.
  • Chapter 28:
    • Skuld torturing and sending Oberon to his doom. Even by the looks of Asuna shows her coldness to her former kidnapper.
    • At the end, the Da'ath duo summons Zeed X, a being of fictional comprehension serves to destroy the Cornerverse.

    Final Battles (Spoilers) 
  • The revival of Mana Ouma (Canon), pretty much that after freeing herself from Da'ath's control, she showcases her insane personality of ruling the Cornerverse as the mad queen. In short, Mana becomes MUCH unhinged than back in the anime.
    • Her Villainous Breakdown in Chapter 31 is so frightening that her crystals engulf Ward 24 II and spreading across the universe, infecting, killing, and sealing many unlucky victims. This culminates Canon!Mana creating a titanic construct called Inkarnierte Mana, who literally uses Ward 24 II as a crown and her screams can scare some readers.
    Canon!Mana: SHU'T' THE FUCK ABOUT HIM! (This cues the Villainous Breakdown)
    Canon!Mana: I'LL GIVE AN EXAMPLE TO THE UNIVERSE MY DESOLATE EXISTENCE! (That's for the spreading of the Apocalypse Virus)
    Canon!Mana: ALL SHALL BE ONE TO MY WORLD! (Her becoming Inkarnierte Mana)
    • As Inkarnierte Mana and killing various combatants, the kick of the icing shows of her killing Omega X, Angemon X, and Dramon X. That's right, the Ascendant Triad that not even they can destroy the yandere.
  • Gai (Canon)'s white dragon form is show to be as frightening akin to the dragon alpha from Reign of Fire and Daenerys' dragons (and Canon!Mana is like Daenerys in a sense) from Game of Thrones.

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