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Nightmare Fuel / Shinji and Warhammer40k

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Nightmare Fuel moments in Shinji And Warhammer 40 K:

  • Matariel's assault on Tokyo 3 is far more vicious thanks to one additional factor - hundreds of man-sized Angelspawn that hunt and tear down everyone they come across. They invade shelters, public buildings, even schools, in what can only be described as a mix of the worst elements of Alien and Cloverfield.
  • Sahaquiel killing who knows how many millions of people around the planet in less than a day by flinging parts of itself into various cities and utterly annihilating two of them wasn't exactly pleasant.
  • The Zombie Apocalypse unleashed on Tokyo-3 was far worse, with zombies that teleport anywhere they want, can even infect the dead and heal quickly from almost any damage, only a bolter round to the head a guaranteed kill.
  • The crowning jewel however is what happens when the Earth's Cradle crashes into Germany. Essentially, it combines the Necrons (kill everything), Tyranids (eat everything) and Chaos (corrupt everything) into an impossibly horrible amalgam that renders most of the continent barren and swarming with monsters, leaving nothing behind. The intimate accounts of some of the survivors are custom-made nightmare material.
  • What becomes of the Earth when NERV is forced to remove Tokyo-3 from the timeline for two years in order to prevent Lilith from triggering Third Impact. Humans lose the ability to die, even in the face of gruesome injuries and sickness. Notably, they do not regenerate from such injuries or sickness. All healthcare shifts its focus from preserving life and function to simply offering people enough drugs to dull the pain of existence. In addition, everyone is forced to deal with a never-ending plague of hallucinations and waking nightmares due to the fabric of reality being torn by Lilith's departure - the only ones who are immune are those who worked in or around NERV facilities, and they get paid to simply spend time near other people in order to banish these nightmares when they appear. The setting basically takes on the worst aspects of both Silent Hill and Death Stranding.