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Nightmare Fuel / Seconds

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The Comic Book:

  • Late in the book, Katie has a dream of living all alone in a decrepit old house which sits isolated from a burning city with giant walking skeletons.
  • Also from that scene, when Katie turns Max over in bed, she's greeted by what looks like Max's corpse (with glassy unseeing eyes and a dead expression), which ends up being an inanimate statue that cracks apart at her touch.
  • To me the most chilling scene was at the beginning of Chapter 7 when Katie is taking Hazel back to her house, which doesn't exist anymore. We'd already seen that Hazel at that point was remembering the changes, as shown by the sudden reappearance of her burns. Here Hazel was being erased from reality, and I think she could feel her memory going!
    Katie:Um, Hazel...? Where do you live?
    Hazel:I don't... know.
    *blink* and she's gone
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  • Not even fully within the reality-altering sequence, the state of Lucknow, which was now in ruins due to Katie's revision to her and Max choosing Talmadge (MKII) is downright disturbing.
  • A small bit of foreshadowing before the reality-warp; Hazel wears a t-shirt with "R I P" and a tombstone under it. This can either be understood as the death of the worlds that Katie was leaving behind, or the existence of her loved ones to ultimately cease.

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