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Nightmare Fuel / Santa Claus (1959)

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The Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode for this film became the Trope Namer for Nightmare Fuel. Let's see why...

  • The Robot Reindeer. Especially the one that won't stop laughing. *shudder* It's bound to remind one of Evil Dead 2.
    Servo: This isn't charming at all, it's creepy.
  • The very creepy animatronic Santa in a store window was responsible for the Trope Namer. The actual Santa isn't much better...
    Crow: That's some good old-fashioned nightmare fuel!
  • The monitor with lips on it. Why does Santa need a machine with lips on it? Is that where wax lips came from?
  • Pitch getting the three boys to fight amongst each other. It's the only time he actually seems evil, with appropriate music (for a change) - a menacing slow bass piano riff.
    Pitch: Go ahead, beat your brains out! At least I got them fighting — Lucifer will be so pleased.
  • Hell. Yes, there are demons dancing around in Hell, in a Christmas movie. What were they thinking?
  • Lupita's nightmare where giant two-faced dolls taunt her for her poverty and refusal to steal while dancing around in a surreal ballet. "A young Tim Burton watches this and says, 'I know what I want to do with my life!'"
  • The puppet show Lupita watches. Say goodbye to sleep.
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