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Nightmare Fuel / Saints Row 2

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Despite the Denser and Wackier nature of Saints Row 2, it still has its darker moments.

  • Shogo Akuji's death. He's brutally beaten up by Gat (including having his head slammed into a tombstone and then buried alive, all while screaming for a Mercy Kill.
    • Especially when Johnny remarks the next mission with something along the lines of "Hope the fucker is still screaming." Even the Boss is a little disturbed.
    • It's really the entire scene before the burial. Johnny's always got some quips or one-liners before laying a confident beatdown. This time around, Johnny's out of patience and he straight up beats the living shit out of Shogo, uttering nothing more than "Get up." This is such a heavy moment that even the talkative loon that is our Boss just stays quiet the entire time and brings Shogo to Johnny's knees and fists.
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    • Right before Shogo gets buried, Johnny opens the coffin of what appears to be a freshly dead woman, whose blank, lifeless face adds more horror to the scene. After seeing this, Shogo has a look of horror on his face when he realizes what his punishment is.
  • Carlos' death is very hard to swallow. He's tied up to the back of a truck by Jessica and driven around the docks, causing the tarmac to flay some of his skin. And by the time you find him, he's in so much pain that he gladly accepts a coup-de-grace from The Boss. All of this done after he and The Boss scar Maero's face with tattoo ink laced with radioactive waste.
    • And speaking of Jessica, her Karmic Death is just as brutal. She's kidnapped by The Boss, stuffed in the trunk of her car, and then unknowingly crushed by Maero. The look of horror on Maero's face when the Boss tosses him the key to Jessica's car says it all.
  • The Zombie Uprising minigame the Boss can play at cribs is this easily. Unlike the Zombie Apocalypse mission in the third game, which was a somewhat humorous parody, this game takes itself much more seriously. While in the third game the mission isn't too difficult due to the player likely being a walking tank by the time it comes up Zombie Uprising is a completely straight Survival Horror with extremely limited supplies (a handful of melee weapons and some guns, with the more powerful ones hidden in the environment), ammo, health (it doesn't regenerate and the player has only a few food items), and really disturbing zombies. In addition to normal shambling zombies are giant corpses with their heads ripped off and hanging by a thread behind their neck, flaming zombies that can easily corner the player and burn them to death, and small childlike exploding zombies that can be hard to spot in crowds. All of this, plus an extremely creepy music soundtrack and even a bit of Fridge Horror if the player pays attention to their surroundings. The location all of this takes place in can actually be found in Stilwater... right outside the Saints main HQ! So yeah, the only plus is that, unlike the third game, this side mission is completely optional and only rewards the player with a latex zombie mask. Still, if you want 100% completion you'll have to do this sooner or later...
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  • The scene where the Boss burns Matt's hand with fireworks even though he's relatively innocent is all-around disturbing, but one moment is particularly chilling: A POV shot of the Boss saying "Enjoy your retirement, Matt...", complete with Slasher Smile.
  • The final Brotherhood mission. Maero has lost practically everything he cares about, and tells you to come to the Ultor dome. You only hear his voice, but it's easy to tell he is pissed. Once you arrive, you find yourself alone, with Maero in his Altas Breaker Monster Truck, with several more Brotherhood thugs in trucks ready to crush you. All the games of the Brotherhood arc are over, and it's clear Maero wants you dead.
  • The unwashed drug addicts desperate for a fix to the point Sunshine, after blowing one of them away, easily talks them into killing themselves trying to raid the Saints.
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  • The Sons of Samedi. Everything about them is nightmare fuel. Their drug, Loa Dust, turns people into psychopaths. One their lieutenants, DJ Veteran Child, kidnaps Shaundi. And the Boss gets kidnapped and drugged while in the General's limousine. But the one who strikes terror is the General's right-hand man, Mr. Sunshine. A true practitioner of voodoo, this guy is seemingly immune to pain as seen when he barely flinches when the General cuts his left ear off as punishment for his failure and he has powers that could send the Boss flying across the meat processing plant the battle takes place in. And then there's his death: after getting up repeatedly even after the Boss turns his chest into Swiss cheese, the Boss takes a machete and decapitates him just to make sure he stays dead.

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