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Nightmare Fuel / Round the Twist

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Welcome to your NIGHTMARE! HA HA HA!
The series is quite renowned for having not just the weird, but the downright creepy (and another reason why Australian censors at the time didn't want to show this program to kids).

  • What's the very first thing shown in the entire series? An outdoor toilet with a skeleton sitting on it!
  • "The Copy" reveals late in the story that if the cloning process isn't reversed, then both the copy and the original will gradually deteriorate. Linda copied herself.
  • The scarecrow from Know All turns into a Monster Clown after being dressed in a haunted costume and chases Linda throughout the lighthouse laughing maniacally. Extra freaky when you find out that the scarecrow believes that Linda is its one true love.
  • "Pink Bow Tie" has two burglars trying to steal the machine that turns people either young or old by the touch of it. It starts out funny with the two burglars turning into little kids but near the end it's gets scary when the two men fight over the machine they keep on fighting until they turn into frail old men and then finally they die and turn into dust causing the four kids to scream in terror at what they just witnessed probably traumatizing them for life. It was off screen, thankfully, but still it's disturbing that it actually happen. Luckily, the episode ends on the lighthearted note with the principal turning into a baby.
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  • The ghost from "Quivering Heap" when he transforms into Dracula (pictured). The guy's eyes turned bright red! It also avoids the cheesiness associated with Dracula at the time by dropping the Vampire Vords accent and just gave him a demonic-sounding voice.
  • "Seeing the Light" doesn't depict the ghosts as a threat, but once they possess the characters and try to fly out across the ocean to reunite with their loved ones, things take a turn for the tense. In order to keep them from killing their hosts, Bronson guesses that the only way to separate the living from the dead is by striking them with lightning, which could just as easily have killed them all.
  • "Toy Love" has Linda's old dolly come to life and stalk her throughout the night, chanting "cuddle me" in an increasingly aggressive tone.
  • The lint monster from season 4 was terrifying, being a pair of red eyes hiding in a dark space that built itself a huge hulking body out of lint and dust. The ABC had to air a disclaimer every time that episode aired because of just how frightening it was.
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  • The boy-bird teeters into the Uncanny Valley due to its human-looking eyes. No surprise that it appears in the part of the opening credits typically reserved for the scariest thing in each season.

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