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Nightmare Fuel / Rosario + Vampire

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

For a series that started off as lighthearted as Rosario + Vampire, you wouldn't expect it to get all that scary.

  • Season I has its own share of this in of itself:
    • Kuyou was the character that started the shift that made the drama of Season II possible. His powers made him a very credible threat to the point that Tsukune needs to have Moka give a blood transfusion to survive and it also turns out he is a member of Fairy Tale.
    • Ruby's master Yukata was pretty damn creepy too, both before and after fusing with a dire-sized Man-Eating Plant.
    • Ikeda seems to really enjoy writing Body Horror, considering how Hokuto turns into this.
      • Speaking of which Hokuto himself is a very high ranking member of Fairy Tale.
  • Season II in general just ups the Squick factor of the series.
  • EVERYTHING related to The Masked King
  • Kahlua was introduced. She presents herself as a nice person... which makes what she does and how she does it all the more terrifying. The best way to describe her would be as a severe Deconstruction of a Punch-Clock Villain. It's perfectly possible to pity her even as she's cutting open the entire main cast with her disfigured right arm. Yeah, creepy. And to make things worse, she was like that even eight years ago, when she was barely more than a kid.
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  • While what Miyabi did to Mizore is already very scary and sad, the revelation that he's a clone of 200+ years old Eldritch Abomination aka Alucard makes this even scarier and nausea-inducing.
  • Alucard is your typical grotesque Eldritch Abomination... who used to just be an ordinary vampire. Vampires may be powerful monsters, but for the most part, they're still quite civil and at worst look and act like very battle-loving humans. Imagine one of them turning into this.
  • Then there's Kamiya Kanade, who claims that killing humans is just something he does to pass the time and clear his head and envisions himself atop a mountain of corpses he personally killed.
  • Aqua cutting Moka's mother in half as well as her secret Yandere side for Moka.
  • Chapter 49 shows us what Masked King does to those that betray him. And it shows us his true from.
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  • In chapter 53 of the second manga season Aqua gives us this terrifying glare while stating that she will kill Kurumu and Mizore.
  • Chapter 63 has Kahlua showing of her true power it basically turns her body into something like a fluid which allows her to survive being pincushioned by giant ice shards and then willingly almost decapitating herself to remove one. It's both extremely scary and nausea-inducing, as seen in the page image.
  • Miyabi Fujisaki's true form is Alucard.
  • Kokoa's entire intro arc is much less humorous if you consider that the last time she saw Moka was before the Rosary was placed on her. Therefore, from Kokoa's perspective, Outer Moka is a fake personality hiding over Kokoa's real sister for no reason that Kokoa's been told of... and Tsukune seems to be leaving her like that despite having the power to free Inner Moka at will. Kokoa's favorite big sister is essentially being locked into a fake, obedient personality rather than the real her by some random guy who Kokoa has no knowledge of, using an artifact Kokoa can't remove herself.
  • Jasmine final fate, as revealed in chapter 65-2. She was cut to pieces apparently by axe, and had her remains impaled on stakes. By the time Aqua found her, she'd already been partially eaten by crows.
  • Aqua cutting Alucard to pieces, and then she makes another attack and cuts him to shreds until there is a pool of blood remains.. Then he regenerates from that attack and uses his tentacles to grievously injure Tsukune and Moka, likely killing Omote. Lastly The Floating Garden crashes into the human city and explodes, likely killing hundreds of humans, and putting the lives of those still on Floating Garden in danger.
  • Chapter 66 Alucard's attack on Moka indeed gravely injured her and it's almost assuredly killed off Outer Moka who dies in Tsukune's arms after both admit their feelings for each other after having their first (and most likely last) real kiss. Just picture being in Tsukune's place, the love of your life is dying and there's nothing you can do to but just be there and watch, as they ebb out in your arms.

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