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Nightmare Fuel / Rifts

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This page is proof positive that while Rifts might run on 90% Rule of Cool the other 10% is nothing but pure Nightmare Fuel. You might want to pack some more Mega-Damage weapons before exploring this little corner of the Megaverse...

  • Some of the things done by Alien Intelligences, Atlantis, Dark Mages, Cults, Evil Gods, Mad Scientists, and the various versions of The Empire are often damned sick and horrifying even by RPG standards!
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  • There's some stuff, like the Soul Harvesters (guess what they do) from Psyscape, which is so disturbing that the book has a disclaimer right before that section warning off folks with timid sensibilities.
  • The artwork and concepts of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Africa world book.
  • The mutants in Madhaven. Their freaky appearance is bad enough until you remember that they're all descended from humans.
  • Gorgons have a nasty habit of enslaving and raping human and humanoid men. Afterward, they generally petrify their slaves and keep them that way until they want to rape them again.
  • The xiticix, a warlike race of Insectoid Aliens that live on what was once the border of Canada and north america. They're extremely hostile towards all other sentient beings and represent a threat to all life on earth! And the worst part? People have only recently realized this!
  • The Ee-Bee-Gee-Bees. At first they seem to be friendly ewok-like creatures until you notice a few strange things about their anatomy. First, they scuttle on two pairs of crab like legs. second, they have two extra pairs of eyes. Lastly, they usually lead their "new friends" back to their den to web them up to be eaten alive later. sound familiar?
  • Black Faeries are grotesque little abominations with bloated disgusting bodies and maws filled with jagged sharp teeth. Far worse than their appearance, however, is their twisted and sadistic nature. Black Faeries love attacking and torturing other prettier races and seem to have a particular fondness for young children and cute animals. Once it has found an appealing prey it will kidnap the victim and ambush its would-be rescuers using hit and run tactics in a grim game of cat and mouse. After it gets bored with its demented games it will then kill the hostage and leave its mutilated body out for its loved ones to find, just to cause more sorrow and pain for its own amusement. Perhaps even more nightmarishly, if not for their numbers being greatly thinned due to their ongoing feud with Psi-Stalkers there would likely be thousands or perhaps even millions of swarms of these vile things covering all of North America. Even now they can still be commonly found all over the United States and southern Canada...
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  • Hope you're not afraid of Giant Spiders because Rifts has an abundance of them, including an especially nightmarish breed called the Death Weaver Spider, a nearly 10 foot tall immortal monstrosity that has both intelligence and cunning in addition to its physical attributes. And did we mention that they're demonic beings with supernatural abilities that seek out magical objects and secrets and often inspire depravity in humans? That's right, ladies and gentlemen... Rifts has literal Demonic Spiders stalking players in addition to all of the other intradimensional terrors. Appropriately, they even have a Horror Factor of 16, which means adventurers are likely to be paralyzed in fear when encountering one. Needless to say, Death Weaver Spiders are pure Nightmare Fuel both in universe and out...

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