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Nightmare Fuel / Resident Evil 1

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How many of you lucky bachelors out there want to wake up next to this cutie-pie?note 

It's the very game that kicked off the genre of Survival Horror. Were you really expecting anything less terrifying?

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • The basement theme in the original version in the game. No, not the clown farts in the Dual Shock version. We're talking about the original version, with a continuous synth string under a unique sounding instrument (which is actually a reversed orchestra hit). Then it suddenly goes into a part where sudden, loud orchestra hits become scare chords. It's the scariest song in the original game and one of the scariest the entire series, yet it plays in an area where not much happens except for the CGI cutscene where the zombie goes down some stairs and opens the door to the kitchen. But it still somehow gives you a great sense of fear and encountering the normal zombies here becomes a lot more frightening as a result.
    • The rearranged game in the Director's Cutnote  replaces the zombies in the first corridor with three Hunters, and all three of them are already aware of your presence and heading towards you. You may now fill your pants, ladies and gentlemen.
  • The game warden's diary, where you read exactly what happens to someone as they transform into a zombie, are extremely disturbing. "Itchy itchy Scott came ugly face so killed him. Tasty. <next entry> Itchy. Tasty." And you are attacked by said zombie as soon as you've finished reading it.
    • Despite the wonky translation and voice acting elsewhere, the diary is still quite creepy as an Apocalyptic Log of the game warden slowly transforming into a zombie, but still having enough sentience to scrawl down a few more sentences. It's one of the earliest indications of just how wicked and twisted Umbrella was with their experiments in the mansion. It may be even worse if you come into the game knowing the plot - employees like the game warden had no idea what fate was going to befall them, and you arrived far too late to help them.
    • Most people will see the rattling closet, and even if scared, know that the zombie will come out. The bad thing is when the door opens, you see a box of shotgun shells or a taser battery on the ground, the equivalent of gold bars in this game, right behind the zombie. Even worse? Once you skip or run around this zombie, another one appears in front of the door, hidden by the freaking camera angle.
    • In his diary, the keeper makes mention of new creatures he's tasked with feeding: he describes them as looking like a skinless gorilla and says they have a very disturbing habit of sadistically playing with their food, severely mutilating a live pig he gave them before getting around to eating it. It's implied that he's talking about the Hunters, and once you encounter them much later, you discover he's actually selling them short.
  • The L-shaped hallway. This is a hallway where, as you walk through, you catch the attention of two Cerberus dogs outside. They come crashing through the windows and attack, complete with a Scare Chord and tense music.
    • When you return to the mansion from the guardhouse, the dogs are replaced by spiders, which are more than enough nightmare fuel for some. As if you didn't hate that hallway enough already...
  • Speaking of which, the huge spiders, especially if you're an arachnophobe. It really doesn't help that they spit, can poison the player and will drop many more smaller spiders when killed.
  • Let's not forget the eerily cheery tune that plays in most of the Save rooms in the Dual Shock Edition. On its own it wouldn't be creepy, but it ends up being so thanks to being in such stark contrast with the rest of the game.
    • Also, it's much better composed than most of the other tracks in the game.
  • Under certain circumstances, Rebecca will need to be rescued from the upstairs study instead of outside the medicine room in the mansion's opposite wing. If you take too long to find her, you're treated to the sight of a Hunter decapitating her onscreen, with no chance to stop it from happening. If you've managed to save her in every previous playthrough, this can come off as a very unexpected and frightening shock.
  • As esoteric as it sounds, the original game's instruction manual has some in a way. It has a few brief character bios and background about the events leading up to the game itself, but it dances around the mere presence of "enemies" and its screenshots show nothing to fight. Nothing Is Scarier than getting acquainted with your game before popping in the disc and not quite appreciating what you'll soon be up against (at least if you weren't paying attention to the box art).
  • The original box art, while we're on the subject, depicted a single eye opened wide with terror as a bloody tear dripped down from it. Very starkly minimalist, and much creepier than the ugly, pockmarked version of Chris plastered on the US release.
  • The messages written in blood on walls in the original releases of the game were unfortunately (and perplexingly) Dummied Out, but tweaking the color palette in an emulator reveals they're still in the game, just recolored. One in particular reads in Japanese, "It hurts to breathe....someone please stop the pain..."
  • The Chimeras, humanoid/fly hybrids that are only featured in the lab late in the game, are one of the most grotesque and horrific monstrosities in the entire series and are tough to kill, to boot. Resembling partially flayed and extremely deformed humans, these miserable freaks were created from Umbrella experiments that mucked around with human and animal DNA. They were implanted into human women as embryos and carried to term, a concept full to bursting with fridge horror. Just imagine: the kind of people it took to conceive of and conduct such an experiment, the kind of women who volunteered to carry the embryos and what doing so was like for them, and the idea of such a horrific monster being partially human. How human were they, really? Did they have sentience and emotions, or just an instinct to survive? If they did have the ability to process emotion, but were unable to express it, they could be an example of And I Must Scream. (It has been noted that their expression in their official art seems to be pained, which gives some weight to the theory that they do feel some emotion or are somewhat self-aware.) As if all of this wasn't bad enough, Capcom was originally going to have a spider version of the Chimera for RE2, but they did not make it into the final version. Capcom did their inspiration from The Fly (1986) proud with the design and backstory of the Chimeras.
    • Who said any of the women volunteered? A Japanese exclusive guidebook reveals that the first Chimeras were grown inside the wombs of homeless women that Umbrella kidnapped and forcibly impregnated with the mutated eggs. The small mercy is that this was only done for the first generation, and subsequent versions are just clones of the "best" members of the first generation.
    • When killed some kind of larvae appears to drop off them. While a harmless effect, it gives the implication that that these monstrosities can reproduce.
    • In the Deadly Silence version of the game, the Chimeras are given a proper and equally frightening introduction in Rebirth Mode. When you enter the back room of the library (where the first Doom Book is located), a silhouette of a person can be seen walking in the room but when you explore the room, there is no one else there. This can happen more than once when the camera changes. When you finally completed the puzzle and obtain the document, a Chimera decides to finally pop up, giving the player a Jump Scare.
  • The "Directors Cut" version adds 'Advanced' mode, which changes up many things - Camera angles are different, monsters are plentiful and are more aggressive, puzzles and item placement is different, and ammunition is even more scarce.
    • In Advanced mode, Some of the zombies are able to move much faster than their regular shuffling companions. Of course, we're never actually informed of this at any point (not even in the manual), so you won't know that this is the case until you encounter one during play. Oh, and there's absolutely no way to tell them apart from the 'regular' zombies either... cue paranoia and genuine fear of the lowliest enemy in the game!
    • In normal gameplay, the bathroom is completely empty if you're playing as Jill, or it contains one small key if you're playing as Chris. In Advanced mode, a zombie will creep up behind the player if they look into the mirror.
    • In regular gameplay, inspecting Forest's corpse will cause the crows to attacknote . In Advanced mode, approaching him will cause Forest's corpse to spring up and attack you. This is also in Rebirth Mode for Deadly Silence.
  • The uncut intro, where Joseph gets gruesomely mauled to death by zombie dogs, since you actually see what's left of Joseph, and the actor portraying him was pretty damn convincing when it came to screaming in terror, unlike the horrible acting of everything else.
  • And, of course, let's not forget the jarring moment that started it all. Shortly after you're told to investigate, you go into a narrow hallway where EVERY door except the one you came through is locked. Go down the hallway and into an adjacent alcove and what do you find? An elaborate CGI cutscene of a zombie slowly chewing up Kenneth's corpse... Then turning to look at you, its dead non-expression staring back at you.
    • And the aforementioned uncut intro has the zombie drop Kenneth's severed head on the floor just before turning its attention to you... then poor Kenneth's head rolls to the side to reveal that half his face has been eaten off down to the skull.
  • So, you just came back from a trip through the garden and the lab underneath and are back at the mansion with a shiny new key to unlock all of those pain in-the-ass doors. So far, the worst regular enemy you have faced is a giant spider. Then a cutscene plays. First person perspective of something running through the garden, bashing open every door it can find. No problem, you may think. Just another Cerberus. Then you see a long, green arm pull open a door. The door you just came through, the door right behind you. Wheel around and come face-to-face with a green humanoid squealing beast that — if your health is low enough — will leap across the hallway like a frickin' Ninja and slice your head off. Say hello to the Hunter. And if you manage to kill this one, his brothers have now taken over the mansion. And most of the zombies are gone.... Not to mention the soundtrack for the mansion changes once you revisit.
    • Hunters have always been Demonic Spiders throughout the series, but the very first incarnation of the Hunter Alpha still remains the most terrifying of them all. That inhuman shriek, the glowing white eyes, those heavy, plodding footsteps signalling that they're aware of your presence and are heading right toward you... Taking them on with anything that isn't a One-Hit Kill is a truly nerve-wracking experience, and even then, they can jump right the hell over your gunshots with just as much warning as you get when they fly forward to take your head: none at all.
  • The clean and well-lit mansion interior lacks the grim, cobwebbed spookiness of the REmake's redesign, but it does pack a decent Fridge Horror punch because of how it reminds you that the zombies you encounter here actually lived and worked in this place not too long before you arrived, but they don't do either anymore.
  • Yawn, the giant snake. The fact that a snake had grown to the size of a car is frightening enough. If you're low on health, Yawn will attempt to lunge at you. If it succeeds, you get to see your character scream as they get completely gobbled up by the snake. Even the game over screen doesn't show the character's body, for there is no body to show. The remake inflicts this on poor Richard in Jill's scenario when the snake eats him, forcing Jill and the player to watch as he is devoured head first while screaming.
  • The so-called Ultimate Life Form created by Umbrella: Tyrant. A giant humanoid creature with grey skin, huge claws growing out of its left hand and an enlarged heart bursting outside its chest! This is what could happen to people who are compatible with the t-Virus, but only one in ten million people are compatible. Everyone else just turns into zombies. Yay...


  • The Chained Creature, aka Lisa Trevor, and this page's photo. There's the first cutscene, then the unexpected appearance in the underground caves, but the journal entries and the creature's general backstory make it the most disturbing (and simultaneously heartbreaking) thing in the whole game.
    • Its theme is by far the most disturbing track in the whole game. Not only is the ambient track just riddled with creepy voices singing in the background and hollowed noises, but it also has a very tragic and depressing feel to it, which such an emotion is hammered in when you finally understand the entire story behind Lisa Trevor. Basically, she's the daughter of the architect that designed the mansion and to prevent him from going public with the knowledge of Umbrella that he had learned, she and her mother were taken hostage by the company. Along with her mother, Lisa was experimented on with the virus, but unlike her mother, who was granted death from failure to bond with the virus, Lisa successfully bonded with the virus so well that she was eventually implanted with the NEMESIS parasite (the very same thing responsible for the conception/creation of the ever popular and feared pursuer of the same name in RE3). It drove her to the point of nigh-invulnerability and no matter how much she doesn't want it, Lisa's all but immortal and was so feared by the company that they took extreme measures to kill her (even reportedly striking her with a tank missile). When the company thought she had perished and the mansion was abandoned and contaminated, Lisa had in fact survived and continued to wander aimlessly around the mansion and grounds, searching for her mother, who was already long dead.
    • Eventually, you can help Lisa discover her mother's remains during your last battle with her. After she unleashes an out-of-nowhere scream and then a pants-wettingly anguished "MOOOOOOOOOOTHEEEEEEERR!", Lisa throws herself down a supposedly endless pit to be with her mother. Unfortunately, as Umbrella Chronicles discovers, it's ultimately Wesker, one of the two men responsible for Lisa's endless misery, who puts her down well enough until she's finally consumed in the mansion explosion.
    • You might be forgiven, at first, for thinking that the multiple faces on her body are mutations. They're actually other people's faces, ripped from the heads of female Umbrella staff sent in as a half-baked effort to trick Lisa into thinking that they were her mother, so she could be easier to control. Instead, she killed them, taking their faces to give to "mother". While the reasons for it are more tragic than evil, it's still disturbing to see her coming at you wearing her "collection", and knowing that in all probability, she wants to add Jill's face to it.
  • You find several files written by the man who designed the mansion. All those wacky, crazy, elaborate death traps and puzzles, but there's heavy implication that he was forced to design all this by Oswell E. Spencer as a means of keeping the mansion secrets safe. And even with all this, George Trevor still wasn't trusted well enough and he and his family both were taken captive by Umbrella. While the fate of his wife and especially his daughter are terrible, his is just as bad; getting lost in the traps and mazes of the very mansion he designed only to die of starvation and depression, but not before finding a gravestone marked with his own name, finally enlightening George to the fate he was destined for all this time.
  • The Crimson Head zombies. Nothing like entering a room you killed a zombie in a while back, but you were somehow unable to decapitate/burn it at the time, only to discover that the corpse has disappeared... and then you discover that, not only is the damn thing alive/undead again, but that it's stronger. And faster. Super fast. And it has claws. They let out player-bowel-voiding noises, have almost shining-neon-white eyes, crimson-red skin (hence the name), and come out of nowhere!
    • The worst possible way to run into one of them? When you only have a pistol, and they're between you and where you need to get to, and their back is turned to you. You can see their face reflected off a mirror, but they're completely oblivious if you keep your distance, so they just stay in one place, waiting for you to make the first move.
    • There's a certain hallway that you go through multiple times, with nothing interesting happening each time. But for some reason, after a certain number of trips there, two crimson heads decide to jump in from the windows.
      • Given that there are several windows in the mansion that will be broken through by zombies or hunters at various points, you might expect the same to happen in the residence when you come across a corridor full of them. Nothing ever happens.
    • At least one player out there has encountered an unintended glitch where they blew a Crimson Head's, uh, head off, moved to continue about their business after the initial adrenaline-filled panic, and then stopped in horror as the decapitated body promptly got back up and then continued to lunge at them.
  • That video that you pick up from Kenneth Sullivan's corpse (your friend from Bravo team) at the beginning of the game? When you reach the laboratory, you find a tape player that allows you to view its contents. What's on it? Kenneth's last moments. It's not pretty, you've been warned.
  • There is a room where you find a dead zombie and the body of a scientist who hung himself. Then a note that explains the heart-wrenching process of him having to kill his best friend and then hang himself, with the pistol used to kill himself on top of the note — called the "Suicide Pistol." But the worst part is that you go into an adjacent bathroom to collect an item, then hear a *THUMP* as he FREAKING CUTS HIMSELF LOOSE.
    • Only in Jill's game. If you stop in the bathroom while playing as Chris, the hanging man...keeps hanging around. Either way, it's scary when you enter and hear an ominous creaking, assuming it to be some offscreen monster you haven't encountered yet.
  • After playing through the game once and learning Wesker set the whole team up, the game becomes a whole lot creepier when certain disturbing facts and catches of the eye come to light. Notice all those picture frame with the glass smashed and the photos removed scattered in certain areas of the mansion? Notice parts and pages of some documents missing? Yeah, Wesker is slowly going around parts of the mansion and removing all traces of evidence that he worked with the company for as long as he can until he wants you to find out the truth. More disturbing is depending on how you play and the game; the choices you make when presented with them, can yield a scenario where Jill/Chris find a ''master key" of sorts that allows them to escape the facility. This item alone brings the implication that Wesker was able to make it through every room in the mansion and get rid of any clues or evidence pointing to him all so his master plan wouldn't fail.
    • There's also heavy implication that Wesker was watching everything that transpires in the game between Chris, Jill, Rebecca, and Barry in the comfort of a locked, well hidden room, on cameras, and smiling as everything was transpiring as he wanted them to.
  • The L-shaped hallway is arguably worse in REmake. As you approach it, the window glass cracks loudly... but the dogs don't come crashing through, so you make your way to the other end of the hall watching the windows in wide-eyed paranoia. And of course, should you think that was just a Red Herring and decide to come through that hallway from the other side, the dogs do come through the windows.
  • The remake models the Black Tiger after the Sydney funnelweb, whose appearance is freaky enough. However, it's made worse that not only is it a real spider (as are the tarantula/bird eater types), size is not the only thing the Black Tiger has going for it. The funnelweb is a lot more aggressive, a lot more deadly, and arguably just as tough to kill.
  • Jill taking a close look at a bathtub. Guess what was hiding inside?
  • The Face-Revealing Turn scene is worse in the remake as it adds many more details, such as the recently dead Kenneth still twitching from having his throat bitten out and the zombie's jaw quivering.
  • In the remake, some zombies can open doors. Have fun.
  • In Jill's scenario in the Dormitory, she stumbles upon a conversation on the other side of a door between Barry and Wesker where the latter is blackmailing the former with his family being in danger if he doesn't follow his orders with with the most ominous track in the game playing in the background . When Jill enters the room after the cutscene, she finds only Barry. However, after the cutscene, if you go into the adjacent bathroom, you hear a door closing from outside the bathroom. You return to find a zombie, but this alone implies that Wesker was hiding somewhere in the room and finally had an opportune moment to leave when Jill went into the bathroom, and somehow he eluded and lured a zombie in his place.
  • The remake is packed with so much more detail. Notably the kitchen and surgical room are very unsanitary, with festering meat and insects crawling everywhere.
  • If you load a save file, you'll get one of two ominous messages. "Fear can't kill you...but..." and "Are the faint sounds of footsteps those of survivors?"
  • In one of the rooms in the Umbrella lab, there's a large walk-in freezer. Entering it reveals several transparent body bags hanging from a rack with a bunch of frozen, naked corpses with expressions of terror still on their face as they hang around.
  • Going through the downstairs kitchen will trigger a cutscene. Not long after you enter, there's an abrupt cut to an FMV of the hallway you just went through. Only this time, under the dim, flickering glow of the lights on either side of the hallway, we get to see the first-person perspective of a zombie as it slowly, menacingly inches towards the door right behind you.
  • One of the most tense moments in the remake doesn't even have to do with a boss or enemy. It's a task that requires either Chris or Jill to carry a capsule of NITROGLYCERIN from one area to another. The tense part is that you absolutely must proceed slowly without running or firing your gun because if you don't, the capsule explodes and it's instant game over. The journey is also rather far. So, better pray you cleared the lab area of all hostiles and saved enough kerosene to burn any downed zombies if you weren't lucky to get headshots on them or it's Crimson Heads for you. Oh, and the area that you need to put the capsule in? It's full of Chimeras that like to travel through crawlspaces and can be tricky to clear the room of before you start this mission unless you're thorough. Enjoy.
  • Speaking of the Chimeras, the remake amps up how horrifying they look, one of the more notable aspects is that their facial expression seems to be a default constant screaming face, along with their very assymetrical design, making them look even more deformed that in the original.


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