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Nightmare Fuel / Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"

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As this is a Nightmare Fuel page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

If you thought that "Man's Best Friend" was the most unsettling and deprived Ren and Stimpy could get, think again. Adult Party Cartoon makes that episode pleasant and tactful by comparison. And keep in mind, most of these examples come from one episode!

  • The fact that certain episodes from this show were based off scripts written for the Spümcø era of the original series is Nightmare Fuel in and of itself. What the actual hell was John K thinking from the beginning?
  • "Ren Seeks Help", which is the darkest episode in both Adult Party Cartoon and the Ren & Stimpy franchise. Comparisons have even been made to Mr. Pickles!
    • The scene where Ren gets therapy from Mr. Horse and tries to find out why he's behaving the way he always does. When Mr. Horse angrily said that he (Ren) is insane because of his acts, Ren was horrified by the fact he turned on him. Mr. Horse then started to beat the mess out of him. Unfortunately for him, Ren hits him with the phone and scratches him viciously. When Mr. Horse reaches for the gun, Ren grabs it and pistol whips him mercilessly until he's dead. When the authorities come, they see Mr. Horse dead on the ground and Ren, whose face resembles something like a demonic dog. and carry him away while he wriggles rabidly. The ending was rather dark, even by the show's standards.
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    • Before being hauled away, Ren actually bites off the hand of one of the officers and SWALLOWS IT. His tongue comes out like a snake's and licks his lips, too! That wasn't even the most horrifying thing about that episode, though, it was the exploration of Ren's twisted childhood. The origin of Ren's anger comes from memories of his birth - being in the "dark... and stinky" womb, and receiving a slap from a nurse, which leaves a bright red mark and leaves the baby stunned. Sound funny? It wasn't played for laughs, surprisingly. It was played completely straight. "My first memory was of unspeakable pain... and from that moment on, I wanted to inflict the pain on others." We see Ren age from a baby to an adolescent, and we see that he grew up torturing little animals. The audience is treated to several long scenes such as baby Ren gleefully plucking the legs off of a screaming caterpillar, burning ants with firecrackers, and a young child Ren torturing a frog in multiple, horrific ways.
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    • Ren's voice is even creepier in the episode, too! John K. (the original voice actor for Ren) had to lower Ren's voice, making him sound very emotional and unhinged, even while speaking calmly. For better or worse, it's John K.'s best acting. Not only can you hear the genuine pain in Ren's voice at the beginning while he's talking to Stimpy, but his calm narration of his entire life story is downright chilling.
    • It's also terrifying that Ren actually kills somebody. Hitting Mr. Horse on the head with the gun somewhat sounds like gunshots, even though Ren holds it upside down and the gun was a "Bang!" Flag Gun, all which doesn't help matters at all. It was a very gruesome way to kill someone, and it's worse than when he beat up George Liquor with an oar in "Man's Best Friend"!
    • There's also this:
    Ren: I've been beating Stimpy mercilessly. Today I did something... [cue Gross-Up Close-Up Nightmare Face] ...SO HORRIBLE... [back to previous scene] ...even for me!
    • Stimpy's breakdown at the beginning is surprisingly disturbing... More specifically, what he says as Ren leaves - Stimpy, left weeping with a mix of sorrow and anger at Ren for saying... something to him, mutters "I'm gonna kill you... I'm gonna kill you!" in a soft, broken voice before promptly wailing with sorrow. Yes. Stimpy wants to kill Ren over what he had said to him. Ren must have seriously screwed up for Stimpy, who has always loved Ren unconditionally, to get that angry with him!
      • Speaking of Stimpy, Ren describing his first meeting with him to Mr. Horse... which eventually led up to him punching Stimpy over, and over, and over, and over... and then screaming in pure rage that he "wouldn't go down". Given the fact that Adult Party Cartoon upgrades Ren and Stimpy's relationship to a romantic one, this gives some unsettling implications...
  • The unmade episode "Life Sucks" probably would have been this for the bulk of its length for its dark message and scathing honesty, but the storybook sequence especially stands out; it's a scene where Ren tells Stimpy a bleak tale of a colony of Christian crusaders (made entirely of children, drawn in an art style that homages the work of artist Mary Blair) many of whom die horribly in a winter storm during their long journey, and when they reach the promised land, they end up attacked en masse by the lands inhabitants and are graphically killed via stabbing or decapitation on-screen—and the children that did survive ended up growing up and inducted into harems (not the Tenchi Muyo type of harem, but a room in Muslim households back then for woman servants) and slavery for the rest of their lives! Outside of Ren's infamous outbursts, this easily would have counted as one of the darkest (and chillingly nihilistic) moments, in what probably would have been the darkest episode in the entire series. And most frightening is that it wasn't made up for the episode—it was based on something that (in some form or another) actually happened.
    Ren: That's life, Stimpy! Meaningless, stupid and cruel! I tell you, life SUCKS! It's a damn miracle there's any living lifeforms left on the planet!
    • Worse, this was meant to be the prequel to Ren Seeks Help. Apparently, this is what Ren did that broke Stimpy.
  • Knowledge of John K.'s history of child grooming make the comparatively innocuous "Naked Beach Frenzy" far more disturbing than intended. The near-pornographic amounts of fanservice with implied-jailbait characters, including an Ink-Suit Actor of one of his victims, Katie Rice, getting fondled by Ren (who, let's remember, is voiced by John K.) are a horrifying look into the mind of a very, very sick person.


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