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Nightmare Fuel / Ready Jet Go!

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Ready Jet Go!, despite being marketed towards the 3-8 range, has some quite disturbing moments.


  • "The Plant from Bortron 7"
    • Right after the group gets the gigantic plant back to its normal size, Mindy plants more seeds of said plant. The episode ends with more giant plants stomping around. Just like that, the episode also ends with the kids screaming in terror.
  • "Mission to Mars"
    • Sean realizes that humans have to overcome a lot of challenges to go to Mars, and definitely not right away. There's also the fact that Sean is a human and if he doesn't have the proper training and equipment, he would not survive on Mars.
  • "Kid-Kart Derby"
    • Jet is about to win the titular derby until he sees Cody the dog in his path, and (accidentally) almost runs him over with his kart. Thank God that Jet just narrowly avoided Cody, albeit while losing the derby in the process.
  • "My Fair Jet"
    • During the Open House, the DSA Weather Balloon gets away. Sean and Sydney try to grab it, and Sean ends up clinging to the weather balloon. Of course, Sean is terrified at this and keeps clinging on for dear life. You can tell by the expression on Dr. Rafferty's face that she is traumatized by her son flying away. Even Sydney was distraught. Thank God that Jet saved him.
  • "Jet's Time Machine"
    • The kids go back in time so they can see a meteor shower that they missed. However, because they (save for Mindy and Sunspot), keep missing it, they are stuck in an endless loop. They would have done this for eternity if they kept messing up. Thank God that the kids' logic and smarts saved the day and they broke out of the loop.
  • "Back to Bortron 7"
    • Carrot's creepy chuckling, which echoes in Sean's mind at the beginning of the "There's No Planet Like My Planet" song.
  • "Jet Shrinks the Kids"
    • In the episode, Jet, Sean, Sydney, and Sunspot use a shrink ray to become the size of Mindy. However, things go awry and they become the size of mice. At one point, Mindy goes to get something, which leaves them all alone in the garage. Mitchell uses this as an opportunity to sneak into Jet's garage. Unknowingly, almost MURDERS Jet, Sean, Sydney, and Sunspot by stepping on them.
    • And then there's Cody chasing them, wanting to eat them. (Or so Sean thinks) It gets even worse when the kids try to hide in a takeout box, full of smelly left-overs, and Cody drags it to a nearby sandbox.
  • "Mindy Turns Five":
  • "My Three Suns",
    • Jet trying to tag Sean and Sydney, and then ending up in a black void where he'll be it "forever", kinda gives off a Nothing Is Scarier vibe.
  • "Astronaut Ellen Ochoa":
    • The subplot with the DSA scientists slowly becomes oddly scary. We get to see Bergs slowly descend into madness. At one point, the alarm sounds and the entire room turns blood-red. Bergs freaks out, thinking that it's a blackout. After Skelley clarifies that it was just a power surge, her rocket test disappears, and Sunspot somehow hacks into the computer and spams it with GIFs of himself. What makes it worse is when Bergs implies that this has happened more than once.


  • At certain PBS events, there will be a meet-and-greet with Jet Propulsion. The problem is, the Jet Propulsion walkaround is VERY off-putting. It's truly a wonder how all those kids weren't scared of the walkaround.


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