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Nightmare Fuel / Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

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"Tear off his flesh... Brain... fresh brains! Crush his bones... Skin him..."

  • The Knaarens. Imagine being chased by psychotic, invincible beings with the innate desire to eat you. They live in a Death World environment, only surviving underground in a maze of complicated and dark tunnels. The gameplay also shifts from combat and platforming to stealth-based survival horror. Just listen to the music!
  • The return of the Zombie Chickens from Rayman 2. ESPECIALLY THE MUSIC THAT PLAYS WHEN THEY APPEAR.
  • The hallway before the Final Boss is a little unsettling. While the villains' conversation is silly, you still get the sense that they're about to put you in a lot of danger, and they're very close by. It's also eerily quiet compared to the rest of the level. What's more, if you score high enough on the preceding minigame section, you can unlock a side hallway that shows off several Dummied Out enemies imprisoned. This is the only place they appear, this far in and this out of the way, and they're all trapped. What are they? Why are they here? Can they get out? Should they?


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