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Nightmare Fuel / Rango

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Warning: Spoilers are unmarked, per wiki policy.
"Look into my eyes. I wanna see you die."
  • The armadillo, Roadkill, at the beginning. He's flattened in half, and yet he lives!
    • But Roadkill does heal afterwards.
  • Rango's nightmare. The desert yucca with a face of nightmares, cacti transforming into rattlesnake tails as Rango runs through the desert, coming across a gigantic Mr. Timms swimming in the air, who looks at Rango and says, "Where are your friends now, amigo?" A storm comes out of nowhere and starts flooding the entire area as Rango struggles to swim. He wakes up from the nightmare as the pipe he was sleeping in is flooded with wastewater and washes him out.
  • The picture above: Rattlesnake Jake effectively combines both this and Awesome.
    Ms. Beans: Go to hell!
    Jake: Where do you think I come from? Look into my eyes. I wanna see you die.
  • Even if he's technically on the heroes' side, due to Tortoise John betraying him, Rattlesnake Jake's exit from the film is bone-chilling.
    Jake: [eerily calm] What was that you said? [starts shaking his gun-rattle] Pretty soon, no-one will believe you even existed. [hisses, coils Tortoise John up, and drags him screaming out of town]