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Nightmare Fuel / Randuu San House Party

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WARNING! Unmarked spoliers!

Sweet Humble Years

  • Sonic and Pikachu finding pictures of dead cats on a computer

Partying Till Death

  • Darren throwing Screwy into the oven and cooking him alive in front of Bluestar, who is said to be his partner.
    • Darren wearing Screwy's detached head like a mask.

Pikachu and Sonic See Hell

  • While more disgusting than scary, Pinkie Pie doing...private things to a scene from a movie that acts as fetish fuel for her.
  • In the chapter "Last Straw" as "revenge" for Screwy losing bowel control onto him, Darren wakes him up in the middle of the night (around 4-6:00 AM) and stabs him with a kitchen knife. Fortunately the broken grammar makes things a bit "funnier"

The Day That Crossed The Line

System of a Downfall

  • * Fluttershy's popsicles

In general

  • Darren is generally pretty frightening when he shows his sadistic behaviour.
    • Perhaps the most infamous example is when he killed Screwy the second time.

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