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Nightmare Fuel / Rambo IV

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Rambo IV gets incredibly more of these moments, for obvious reasons:

  • The sickening brutality of the Burmese military towards the Karen villagers.
    • Moreso when you find out that unfortunately Burma in the movie is not far off from real-life Burma. To twist the knife further, while filming in the Thailand side of the country's border with Burma, Stallone commented that the cast and crew got to see the brutality first hand.
  • Major Tint, period. He's is even scarier than the ruthless colonel Zaysen from the preceding film.
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  • One of the missionaries got fed to pigs for looking at Maj. Tint the wrong way. We later see his legless corpse hanging in a cruciform pose over their sty.
  • The Burmese army forcibly recruits boys to become soldiers. It suddenly dawns on you during the gang rape scene that those guys were probably gangpressed from a young age. Then there's the boy who's left in Major Tint's hands.
    • For added horror, what were the girls doing there? It would be bad enough if they were kidnapped in one of the Burmese army's raids, but if they were taken at a young age like the boys, the soldiers could've... let's leave it at that.
  • The ending battle is Bloodier and Gorier compared with the earlier battles in the earlier sequels. Worse yet, it's a lot more accurate to real life compared to the earlier movies; getting shot with the machine gun Rambo uses in the climax will really do that kind of damage to a human body. When Rambo surveys the damage he wrought, he is disgusted and finally goes home.
  • Tint is shown to be a sick child molester. We see in one scene (which could be deleted in the TV version) a young boy being brought to his hut. After stroking the boy's head in a very unpleasant way Tint closes the door. We don't see what happen next (thankfully) but we probably don't need to...


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