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Nightmare Fuel / Ralph Bakshi

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As the first well known film director of animation strictly intended for adults, Bakshi's films have shocked and surprised audiences ever since their creation. For anyone only familiar with happy child friendly and safe family entertainment in animated cartoons, his stuff can be truly frightening and disturbing...

Cool World

  • The entire cartoon universe in this film is loud, obnoxious and truly unpleasant to be around.
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  • The more realistic Doodles and the chimera of deranged blackish cartoons that appears at the end.
  • The film was also originally meant to be an animated horror film about a half-human/half-cartoon girl who hates herself and tries to kill her father.

Heavy Traffic

  • The rotoscoped strippers in some scenes look like a photograph negative. Frightening!
  • The scenes where the legless guy is shadowing people at night in the streets. All you hear are the sounds of his approaching wheels...!