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Nightmare Fuel / Rain World

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  • Most enemies in the game count as this, as they're out to eat you. Special mention to all the carnivorous plant-based ones who often hide in the scenery; the first time you come across most of them, they'll usually get you before you even realize they're here.
    • And an even more special mention to the blue tentacles near Five Pebbles which prey on enemies that usually prey on you and move slowly with lots of tentacles. Although they can die, the sheer amount of health and offense they have makes it very hard to kill them. Even other creatures, if they can, also flee from its presence. In Five Pebbles, you find yourself in rooms where even the walls are made of these.
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    • The small spiders that live in the deepest parts of the Shaded Citadel can be extremely unnerving to come across, since they're deceptively quick and can overwhelm slugcat in a flurry of long, thin, hairy legs.
    • The Leviathans that live in lakes are extremely scary: they're gigantic balls of something that thrash around in the water, cause vibrations on the screen whenever they move. They're way too big to kill, and they have tentacles they can flail onto land, grabbing you and killing you.
  • The rain itself can be a huge heart-stopper if you haven't kept your eye on the cycle timer. You're in an all-out brawl with a group of lizards and a few vultures, when suddenly the threat music fades away and every creature scatters in panic. Cue a race for the nearest shelter as fast as your slugcat legs can take you, or risk bullet-like rain smashing you to death. Even if you can escape the rain by hiding under a roof, you will die from hypothermia as long as your not in a shelter.

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