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Nightmare Fuel / Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure

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"I'm never satisfied or happy inside."
  • Some characters in the film are rather frightening:
    • The naked twin singing dolls are pure Uncanny Valley.
    • Gazooks is a sea monster that moves around like a blob.
    • The Greedy is a huge living pile of taffy that constantly shapeshifts with often disturbing and horrifying results, has a huge appetite, and almost kills Raggedy Ann for mistaking that the sweetheart he needed was her literal candy heart.
  • The camel's hallucinations and Mind-Control Eyes whenever he thinks about home.
  • The borderline pedophiliac Looney Knight, the Laughing Mad living toys and the king's tendency to enlarge parts of himself laughing on the misery of others, basically it was a Eldritch Location of dementia.
    • The fact both Greedy and the Joke Kingdom were pitch black locations, implying that background is so scary that You Do NOT Want To Know what it actually looks like.
  • The fact that Raggedy Ann and Andy never blink.
  • King Koo Koo is a jerk at worst at the beginning, but becomes surprisingly frightening as he outlines his plans for the dolls: he plans to have them tormented so that he can laugh at them and thus grow bigger, and when he no longer finds them funny, he'll turn them into members of his psychotic mutant 'court'.


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