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Nightmare Fuel / Rae Kohai
aka: Rion Rhino Mills

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  • The tone of Derterifii's "final thoughts" speech on Voice Of Reason's ''Top 6 Friendship In Witchcraft Review Mistakes'' video is... unsettling to say the least...
    (sighs in frustation) This video... pissed me the (briefly laughs in frustration). This video... oh my god... this video pissed me off... ssssssssssssssssssssssssso much... that I want to hit him... with my car-ton of milk. And now you get to see the rarer side of me. I know I'm supposed to be all joke-y when I'm doing my reviews, but no... no, not this time around. This video legitamately pissed me the fuck off, and not many videos do that. None of the videos that I have personally commentated on have made me angry. Had this video not been a year old, this probably would've been on my own channel; I probably would've talked about it myself. Heck if I wasn't part of this collab, I probably would've still done it; this video made me that vehemently angry. I don't care if this video is old, this is just horrible. I don't know why he thought this video was a good idea. He calls himself an analyzer and he can't fucking analyse Friendship Is Witchcraft to save his fucking life. And I know, I'm supposed to be the calm and collected one, but it just pisses me off that someone THIS popular THIS FUCKING POPULAR, gets all these tens and thousands friggin subscribers and he doesn't know how to actually review anything! (hands buried in face) I am being too harsh... I am being too harsh. (pauses for a few seconds) I can't imagine, why he thought this video was a good idea. I can't even comprehend how he thought this video was okay. Any reviewer worth his salt can look at this video and say "you know what... this is a bad video... this is a bad video." Never mind the fact that I actually kinda like Friendship Is Witchcraft, I can take the fact that people don't like Friendship Is Witchcraft... I can! (sighs) But the fact of the matter is what made me angry, was not the fact that he did not like Friendship Is Witchcraft, it's the fact that he did not like Friendship Is Witchcraft for baseless reasons; for reasons that do not exist. He is literally inserting his own context into the show for the sake of hating it alone, and that is what pisses me off, he is misrepresenting it intentionally to make it look bad, in order to say "I hate this show! I hate this show! I fucking hate this show because it' an abridged series, that doesn't do a good job of being an abridged series, EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT A FUCKING ABRIDGED SERIES!"

Alternative Title(s): Rion Rhino Mills


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