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Nightmare Fuel / [REC]

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Don't make a sound...

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Gracious alive, this film is every claustrophobe's worst nightmare. If small spaces weren't enough, add zombies to the mix!
  • The last 20 minutes or so of the first film are uncomfortably tense and fraught with terror. Think of it this way: You're stumbling around in pitch blackness, dependent on the night vision on a single video camera in order to see any of the bad things you know you're locked in the building with... which are all demon-possessed rage zombies. Next thing you know, you're stuck in a cramped, cluttered space, hiding from the line of sight of a murderous creature that can and WILL kill you, knowing that one single squeak or bump can send everything crashing down on you. Sadly, because it's dark and you can't see a thing while sneaking out, it doesn't work. Sweet dreams.
  • The Medeiros girl. Emaciated, tall, animalistic, and possessed by demons. Her silhouette is all too menacing, and her silence before she spots the protagonist doesn't help.
  • Any time Jennifer is shown after she becomes infected, especially the way she just suddenly appears behind everyone else as they're looking for her.
    • She shows up again in the second movie and during the scene where Owen is forcing her to talk using Hollywood Exorcism, the sound goes out and we can't hear what they're saying, but we can hear a little girl praying...

    REC 2 
  • The infected children.
  • Larra's fate. After getting separated from the group, he ends up cornered in an apartment by a horde of infected, including Cesar, who is grinning psychotically at Larra. After locking himself in a bathroom with no way out and the infected breaking down the door, Larra shoots himself in the mouth.
  • The final shot (before the flashback) has the possessed √Āngela staring directly into the camera, smirking evilly, before the film cuts to the flashback.

    REC 3 Genesis 
  • Pepe Victor after he becomes infected, sporting a dissonant smile on his face even as Koldo encounters him in the kitchen.
  • Clara becoming an infected and ripping out Koldo's tongue and lips as they kiss. It even becomes worse by the fact that they are immediately shot and killed by the soldiers who are surrounding them.
  • The fact that they reach for each other afterwards heavily implies that the infected are aware of what's happening to them, but are unable to fight it.

  • The spin-off comic titled 'REC: Untitled Stories' shows that multiple animals ranging from turtles to an albino gorilla are infected and roaming around the Earth.