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Nightmare Fuel / Queens of the Stone Age

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  • "A Song for the Deaf". Not only does it have a creepy riff, but Josh's singing sounds severely demented, and then the ending...
    • Don't forget the screaming in the background... and the laughing after the ending... ugh.
  • The video for "Sick, Sick, Sick". Nightmare Fuel to everyone but the vore fetishists.
    • Actually, vore fetishists are not into the butchering and cooking of people, so it's not even pleasant for them.
    • And that's only the music video. The song itself has more of a domination "You own me" sort of vibe.
  • "Battery Acid" is seemingly nonsensical, serial-killer type twisted lyrics set to one of the darkest riffs by them.
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  • "Better Living Through Chemistry" is about an epiphany of religion through the Matrix.
  • "The Sky Is Fallin'" is about people's fear of the nonsensical.
  • "Burn the Witch", which is about how we used to deal with people we just didn't like.
  • "Run, Pig, Run". Listen to it with the lights off. Go on.
  • "Mosquito Song". The peaceful, soothing melody is contrasted with creepy lyrics that at first seem to be about mosquitos, but are slowly revealed to be about cannibals. It is incredibly disturbing.
  • ALL the ...Like Clockwork videos. They are made in a really creepy style of animation, that is both awesome and unsettling.
  • "You Can't Quit Me Baby". The song is about a stalker who follows a girl home and cuts himself because of her, with the lyrics implying that he's intending to kill himself in her home so she'll never be able to forget him. Not to mention, the distorted bass riff and the ending which is probably what a mental breakdown would sound like make it even worse.
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  • The outro from the band's self-titled album could be seen as either this or as a funny musical depiction of an alien spaceship.

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