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Nightmare Fuel / Quantum of Solace

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She just couldn't handle his toxic love.
  • Mr. White's "We have people everywhere!".
  • Dominic Greene shows Camille what happened to the geologist he hired: he disposed of him at the bottom the sea on his pier.
  • The fate of Strawberry Fields. Either killed beforehand or drowned in oil, and left covered in oil on the bed in Bond's hotel room for him to see.
  • General Medrano is quite a monster overall. He had Camille's father killed for political reasons, raped her mother and sister, and burnt their house down while Camille was in it, and she got pyrophobia as a result. Medrano also attempts to rape the Perla de las Dunas hotel's receptionist. Now one has to imagine him at the head of a military junta once in control of a whole country.
  • Dominic Greene's fate. Imagine being stranded in the desert with just a can of motor oil. Thankfully, we don't see the end result.


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