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Nightmare Fuel / Quantum of Solace

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She just couldn't handle his toxic love.
  • Mr. White's "We have people everywhere!"
  • Dominic Greene shows Camille what happened to the geologist he hired: he disposed of him at the bottom the sea on his pier.
  • The fate of Strawberry Fields: Drowned in oil, and her oil-coated corpse left on the bed in Bond's hotel room for him to see.
  • General Medrano is quite a monster overall. He had Camille's father killed for political reasons, raped her mother and sister, and burnt their house down while Camille was in it, and she suffers from pyrophobia as a result. Medrano also attempts to rape the Perla de las Dunas hotel's receptionist. Now one has to imagine him at the head of a military junta once in control of a whole country.
  • Dominic Greene's fate. Imagine being stranded in the desert with just a can of motor oil. Thankfully, we don't see the end result.
    M: They found Greene dead in the middle of the Bolivian desert of all places. Two bullets in the back of his skull. They found motor oil in his stomach.