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Nightmare Fuel / Pushing Daisies

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  • Numerous aspects exist when it comes to being brought back from the dead. Specifically: since Ned can re-awaken the dead through mere contact, does that mean he can never die naturally?
  • Imagine bringing someone back from the dead only to have them blame you for the death of someone else, say you're dangerous to the ones you love the most, fuel your fear of being discovered, and then "attack you" knowing full well you can't fight back. And imagine that person looks like a mummified corpse. And imagine that person is your lover's father, who's threatening to take the one person you love away.
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  • Several instances of dead characters exist. One of the few things worse than death-via-horrible-circumstance is probably coming back to life following it; considering the response of Bao Ting to waking up with a pipe in his skull, it's possible for the lack of pain to be outweighed by the horrifying memory of being gruesomely murdered.
  • The fate of Ned when he explains his nightmares of being discovered:
    Ever since I was little, I'd have this dream somebody found out what I could do. it starts off with lots of ice cream and balloons, and ends in a small white room where bits are cut out of me until there's nothing left to cut.
  • How many people died in place of the rhino?
    • None likely, the power works similarly to Equivalent Exchange so no people would die, the closest large land mammal would however croak.
    • Ned is seen running after it and touching it again, so, none, probably.
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  • Some of the victims. Their states are usually played for laughs, but it's hard when they are completely incinerated or covered in bee stings.

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