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Nightmare Fuel / Puppet Master

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  • Carissa's death is probably the most gruesome of the deaths in the first film, mainly because of the Gory Discretion Shot used when Tunneler most likely drilled into her face. When her corpse is shown at the dinner table, her jaw is covered in blood and there's a giant leech covering her mouth. And she lived for a few moments after Tunneler finished.
  • The puppet's sheer durability and determination in the first film, best shown in the scene with Pinhead surviving a four-story fall. They're like mini-Terminators that won't stop until their target is dead.
  • Andre Toulon in the second film. A formerly benevolent old man transformed into a sadistic monster is just terrifying, and there's something so incredibly wrong about the mannequin he placed his soul into. The same goes for the mannequin Camille's soul was placed into at the end.
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  • The death of the farmer's wife in the second film. Her husband is killed by the leech woman while sleeping right next to him. Then she's burned to death by Torch, and has her brain fluids extracted by Blade when he stabs into her heavily burnt head.
  • Major Kraus's death, even though the bastard deserved it. First, Pinhead puts hooks in his feet and hands, lifts him up, then drops him onto a halberd.
  • Dr. Hess and his sadistic medical experiments where he can predict the exact minute a victim will die, and his attempts to raise the dead. And this is the man who resides in the Blade puppet!
  • In Curse of the Puppet Master, there's Tank's nightmares about his body being turned into wooden parts and gears. Then there's the fate of Dr. Macgrew's former assistant, being turned into a malformed half flesh puppet that can only cry out in anguish.
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  • Andre Toulon as he is depicted in the alternate universe film, "Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich." The antithesis of the original, this version is a full-blooded Nazi who fully supports their views. He transforms his puppets into bloodhounds to seek out and kill Jews and other types of people that the Nazis hated, then flees to America when he sees the tide turning in the Ally's favor, killing a ship full of people in the process- and that's just what we learn at the beginning of the movie.
  • The Action Lab comic series features a lot of visceral, gory deaths, particularly on its variant covers. And, while it's never seen 'in action' as such, Dr. Carter has a dagger made of human bones and teeth.

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