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Nightmare Fuel / Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion

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Just like how The End of Evangelion cranked its series' Nightmare Fuel Up to Eleven, Rebellion does the same. Considering how horrifying the original series got, that is certainly saying something.

Obviously, many spoilers will be featured here, especially major ones, so tread carefully.

  • There are some hints early on that the world is an illusion created by Homura that are rather unsettling.
    • In the series, Kazuko was a teacher who would often complain about her breakups with her boyfriends, often derailing the class in a humorous manner. In the movie, she starts raving about doomsday theories and the demise of the human race while bending her back at an unnatural angle. In front of the whole class, no less. However, this can quickly turn into a Crowning Moment of Funny if you consider that Madoka mentions Kazuko had been doing this for a while now, and guesses that it has to do with her (shocker) relationship problems. The students also have a pretty humorous reaction to her rambling: none at all, barring a few unnerved looks, and Kyouko's expression can only be described as "well, here we go again..."
    • In the same scene, we also get a brief glimpse of the nearby classrooms. They're all deserted.
    • All the background characters who don't have a name in the original series walk around with burnt faces.
    • In many scenes you can see creepy faced, gothic dressed creatures - at first only in the background, then more and more noticeable as Homura is slowly losing it. They are Clara Dolls, one of Homulily's familiars.
  • Hitomi's transformation into a Nightmare is pretty unsettling, particularly when juxtaposed against the bright sparkly-ness of the opening. There are skeletal fish, a creepy boat, and a part where she's sucked into her bed, followed by a geyser of red yarn that rings reminiscent of A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). All done in that ever-creepy jittery "witch-imation."
  • During the girl's transformation sequences, Mami, Kyoko and Sayaka's names are written in runes. Homura also has her runes - they spell "I kill myself" and "They Glorify Death".
    • The transformation sequences may be bright and sparkly, but there are some double-take creepy moments hidden in them. The runes in Homura's sequence are noted above, Mami's magical girl form exploding out of the spine of her civilian form in a manner similar to one of Sayaka's previous movie transformations, and even the dancing Madoka clones during her sequence are unnatural-looking, and unnervingly like Walpurgisnacht's familiars. Kyoko's takes the cake, though: she tears her silhouette in half to reveal this... static-y, red-eyed, slit-pupiled thing taking up the whole of the screen for a second or two. To make matters worse, some of these are punctuated by hiccups in the music and strange noises, just to drive home that something is horribly off.
    • Sayaka's transformation involves her throwing her own soul gem to a copy of herself. THROWING HER SOUL GEM.
  • The Cake Song is adorable. Charlotte swooping around the Quintet as they sing it is unnerving at best. Charlotte hurtling right toward the camera with her razor-sharp teeth bared in a horrendous Slasher Smile? Pleasant dreams. The noise she makes doing so can take the edge off, though.
  • Some scenes when Homura starts killing Kyubeys all over the place when he reveals his plan.
    • And Kyubey is smiling the entire time. He's being impaled, chased, drowned and beaten by berserk Homura and he keeps on smiling. The entire freaking time. At one point, he gets doused in some sort of black substance, which makes him look even more horrifying while he's smiling.
  • Homura becoming a witch. It's bad enough having Homura of all people fall to despair: the imagery during the transformation and her witch form itself are horrifying.
    • The altered Luminous scene seems to take its cue from EoE the most out of the film — Madoka even turns into pink Tang!
    • Upon seeing Homulilly, Sayaka says "Homura looks horrible, but she's the one who's suffering here." Apparently, the original magical girl doesn't entirely go away when she becomes a witch. Brr... Let's not forget Sayaka is a former witch, so she knows what she is talking about.
    • The whole thing basically shows what happens inside a magical girl's mind when she transforms into a witch. The despair is so much that they start to hallucinate and see everything in a distorted way, losing contact with reality, and as mentioned below, they don't completely lose the sense of themselves - that small part of them is left revolving in their pain and suffering "inside" the witch. It's like psychosis and schizophrenia meet severe depression.
    • How about the horrible dissonant noises Homulilly makes when summoning her familiars or swinging those ribbon arms around? Hell Is That Noise indeed.
    • As if we don't have enough utter horror of the imagery, we then see the way Incubators suspend Homura's soul gem in the static field; by driving about half a dozen nails through it! Remember when Kyubey demonstrates the pain of having a spear to stomach to Sayaka just by touching it? The Incubators are essentially keeping Homura half-dead and in constant pain, to the point where her physical body appears to be comatose, just so they could observe the Law of Cycle.
    • At first during the battle it seems like Homura is dormant inside of Homulilly... until they really start to crack the ceiling of the barrier and then we get to see what remains of Homura begging them to stop while clawing at the ground over and over. Then when Madoka does break through to her, we see that she's reliving the moment she had to mercy-kill Madoka and when she really began to break.
  • While talking with Kyubey, Homura states "Kyoko and Mami are here too. I believe in them to do the right thing." This line is illustrated with Homura getting beheaded by a guillotine which is operated by silhouettes resembling Kyoko and Mami.
    • We then see just how much she wants it to happen. Homulilly sheds her stereotypical witch hat by sliding off her entire upper head, her arms are bound in stocks, and the entire time her friends go down her barrier trying to save her, she's screaming for them to stop.
      • Want even more horror? Her witch card says "This witch's last wish is her own execution. However, a mere decapitation will not clear away the witch's sins. This foolish witch will forever remain in this realm, repeating the procession to her execution." What is more, her familiars' duty is to carry out the witch's executions, to organize her funeral and to mourn her. Really, this girl has some serious issues.
  • To release her Summon Magic, also known as Oktavia, her witch form, Sayaka stabs herself through the stomach with a sword. Yikes. You can see blood bursts in copious amount from her back and her heart skewered by the sword as Oktavia is fished out of the ensuing pool of blood.
  • Nagisa is adorable. Bebe is adorable, if a little creepy. Nagisa suddenly manifesting Bebe's face? GYAAAAAAAAH!
  • Homulilly has been defeated and Homura saved, the Incubator's plan is ruined, and every girl is safe and sound. The sun is shining, the music is peaceful and all is well. Madoka is once again Ultimate Madoka and ready to purify poor Homura's soul and bring her to heaven. Seems like a happy ending for everyone? Wrong. Because Homura has other plans — meaning stealing Madoka's god powers, tearing apart Madoka's goddess form and crushing her own Soul Gem in her mouth, while the curses built up in her Soul Gem explode outwards, flood across the world and CONSUME THE UNIVERSE, as reality literally shatters like glass around them.
    • It doesn't help that Madoka is screaming at Homura to stop, that she'll rip her apart, with the latter refusing to do so.
    Homura: (as she drags a newly mortal Madoka down into her arms) I told you, Madoka. I'm never letting you go again.
    • This is more subtle creepiness/Fridge Horror than straight-up Nightmare Fuel, but at the very end of the movie, when Madoka is walking down the hall with Homura in Homura's new realm, her eyes flicker gold as she remembers her role as Madokami and turns around as the school background changes into space. She tries to walk away, presumably to take up her duty again, but Homura restrains her with a hug and asks her if she thinks that law is more important than desire (in other words, if her duty as a magical girl savior is more important than her desire to be with Homura). During this exchange, Homura's eyes are vacant and she's wearing the creepiest expression. When Madoka replies that law is more important, Homura's expression gets even creepier as she replies that Madoka's answer means that they will one day be enemies. It makes you wonder... what will happen to Madoka the day she inevitably decides to become Madokami again? Just how far is Homura willing to go to keep her in her Gilded Cage?
  • In The Stinger, Homura kisses her new dark orb and does a happy dance on a field. Next to her, we can see a heavily wounded Kyubey, hardly breathing and with cloudy eyes.
    • The horror of this scene needs to be explained. When he first appears in The Stinger, Kyubey seems to be fine. The very next scene he's suddenly become a disheveled and quivering mass on the floor. The quivering is the important part since it's not something Kyubey has ever done before. Ever. One gets the impression Homura mind raped him off-screen.
      • And things get even worse. Official artwork of Homura's familiars reveals that that they "hate white rats" and one of their duties is to "eliminate" them. Essentially, Kyubey, and possibly his entire race, is being hunted down and slaughtered constantly without end by the universe. Being coobie is suffering.
      • Don't worry, it's not that bad. Actually, they have been turned into Akuma Homura's Slave Race.
      • It's not even supposed to be possible to harm Kyubey in any lasting way. His people are a Hive Mind with infinite respawn, they just don't give a damn about little things like being blown to pieces. Ordinarily. Homura has become something that can harm and terrorize indestructible and emotionless creatures.
      • Kyubey said in the series that his kind views emotions as a mental illness. Homura hasn't just caused him to feel emotion, she's traumatized him into insanity.
    • Not to mention, after dancing around for a few seconds, she appears to willingly fall off the cliff with that smile still on her face.
    • To cap off this lovely stinger, the same film projector noise that was placed at the beginning and end of the original series returns as it zooms in Kyubey's cloudy eyes, followed by flashes of the words "End" in different languages, including runes, and a window sealed shut by Madoka's red ribbons. Even if some may not find it scary and see it as nostalgic instead, the fact is, when you are seeing this the first time, you are confused and contemplating what happened to Kyubey, leaving him in that ragged state. Just when you think you will learn more about this odd revelation, boom. Cue the projector noise.
  • When Homura finally realizes she had become a witch and her dream world starts falling apart, one of the first things destroyed is the theater you're watching the movie in.
  • While Homura is checking whether she would lose consciousness if she would get further than 100 meters from her Soul Gem, the bus she is on starts to burn. The bus is full of creepily smiling people, who then burn to ashes. Imagine this happening in the real world.
  • Things beginning to fall apart. Once Homura realizes the entire city is her own labyrinth, everything begins to burn and the airships plunge from the sky. Then Kyubey explains that the whole thing was a trap for Ultimate Madoka, and the world begins bleeding as Homura tears it apart to kill Kyubey and herself.
  • Think everything's happy for Homura in the end? Think again. Her familiars have delightful names like "Arrogance," "Sadsack," "Liar," "Cold-heartedness," "Selfishness," "Badmouther," "Dunce," "Jealousy," "Lazybones," "Vanity," "Cowardice," "Fool," "Bias," and "Obstinance," and their role is that of mourners, fake crying in order to "liven up the funeral procession." Yep, Homura's surrounded herself with representations of her self-loathing, and it's heavily suggested she feels nothing good at all from what she did. Hail Homucifer.
    • Oh yeah? And on top of that? The last familiar, "Love," has yet to come. For all the claims that Homura did everything out of love in the end, she certainly doesn't seem to think so.
    • And as noted in Fridge page the familiars are committing suicide and throwing tomatoes at Homura. Like Lucifer, Homura is in hell.
  • Homura basically created a Lotus-Eater Machine that is as big as the entire universe for the sole purpose of keeping Madoka from fulfilling her duties as magical girl goddess. What's more, the two agents who have the memories of Madoka's universe, Sayaka and Nagisa, are stuck there, with Homura holding the keys and guarding the exit. The most horrible part, Homura alters Sayaka's memories, and can possibly, or has already done so to Nagisa.
  • The "Escape from Mitakihara" sequence, particularly if you're claustrophobic or just have a more esoteric fear of being trapped. Something's been slightly... off, long before now, but now the animation goes completely Revolutionary Girl Utena and neither the characters nor the viewers can escape the fact that something has gone seriously wrong. It's a scene which ticks a lot of boxes for common nightmares. To elaborate...
    • The Bizarrchitecture, which has been lurking in the background before now, comes out to play in full force. The bridge becomes a mountain-like incline that no bus could hope to navigate, and both the sky and the landscape becomes a Tron-like, barren digital space. Even more disconcerting is the fact that the girls, Kyouko and Homura, seem to be able to make some sense of their surroundings (exclaiming that the bus should have turned right at a certain point, for example), even though there is no visible road to the viewer. Turns out that's a big red flag as to the "dream logic" of Homura's world.
    • The bus itself. It has some nifty features, such as holograms, but from the moment it turns up you can tell it's not normal. As the landscape darkens, its wheels begin to look worryingly like eyes, and the lit windows come to resemble a mouth. When the bus passes over water, its reflection looks like a staring face baring its teeth.
    • While the girls board the right bus, any time it reaches the point where it should leave the city. It turns into the bus for the Mitakihara Loop, and returns them to the start. When they challenge the driver, they find that he pays no attention to them — in fact, he's no more than a puppet playing its part. There's no way out... because it's a labyrinth with the exit sealed off.
    • When the girls decide to walk to the next town, the path simply becomes an Endless Corridor to thwart them. Many people will attest to having dreams just like that, where they desperately try to get to a destination, only to get lost or to find themselves walking for miles while making no progress.
    • The emptiness of the place is also unnerving. The people around them begin to look less and less human, until they resemble cardboard cut outs...and then figures with wide smiles as they burn to death.
  • Mami Tomoe completely unburdened by depression is awesome. But her whipping out a Tiro Finale the size of Schwerer Gustav that fires magical nukes? Damn...
  • So Devil Homura has a barrier big enough to encompass the universe, change its natural laws and looks pretty much utterly normal to most of the people alive in it. Isn't that pretty much exactly what happened with Madoka going goddess? We don't know what it's like in Madoka's magical girl heaven. What if she really is suffering in there just like Homura suffers in her universe? What if Homura actually is saving her from eternal torment?